Yes Tickets

The English rock band, Yes, has received immense popularity due to their symphonic, art and progressive style of music. It is soon coming to your city for a live concert. The band has been amusing millions of fans ever since they became a part of the music industry. They are ranked among one of the best live acts of today. If you’re bored and looking for some entertainment, delay no more in getting your Yes tickets.


Formerly known as Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, Yes has been playing a major role in the music industry since the late 60s. Their music combines many subgenres of rock such as experimental rock, symphonic rock, psychedelic rock, art rock, progressive rock and pop rock. The band’s string work is said to be exceptionally well every time they create a composition. Drums, keyboard and percussion do the rest in order to make each song flawless from every aspect. Their complex instrumentations and unique vocal arrangements distinguish them from many rock bands of the music industry. Besides that, Yes is known for their use of cosmic and mystical lyrics that keeps the mind of the listener satisfied emotionally as well as spiritually.  Since the 60s, the band has had many line-up changes but the legacy still continues making Yes one of the most popular, influential and critically acclaimed acts in the history of progressive genre. Many big names of the industry such as Rush and Dream Theater have been influenced by the work of Yes. No wonder the group has sold over 20 million records worldwide.


In the past multiple decades, Yes has been associated with a number of major record label companies like Arista, Frontiers, Atlantic, Eagle, Atco, Victory and Sanctuary.  The ensemble has one of the largest discographies in popular music history. With their very first self-titled album, Yes proved themselves to be among the top musicians of the industry. The record immediately caught the attention of the well-known magazine, Rolling Stone.  A critic stated that, “the album has a totally unexpected thrust of musical power.” The song “Sweetness” was also featured in the popular movie, Buffalo ’66. The very next year, Yes came up with two albums out of which The Yes Album received a Platinum certification along with a lot of praise from many critics.


With time, the band’s music began to spread across the national boundaries and they were now quite famous in countries like UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America and Sweden. Yes’s fifth studio album, Close to the Edge went Gold in the UK, Canada and the US selling millions of copies straight away.  Songs like “And You and I,” Siberian Khatru” and “Close to the Edge” received worldwide recognition.  In total, Yes has released twenty studio albums and the last one to hit the shelves was Fly from Here. The record took a noticeable spot on the US Billboard 200 and several other charts in Japan, Germany, Scotland, Norway, France and Switzerland. It may have been two years since the album came out still, many tracks like, “We Can Fly,” “Madman at the Screens” and “Into the Storm” are buzzing all over the radio.  


For the past many decades, Yes has been making major concert tours around the world. A number of years ago, the group celebrated their 40th anniversary at the Close to the Edge and Back Tour. Currently they are on their 2013 Three Albums Tour. Other than giving away solo performances, the band has also associated with many fellow musicians including Mystery, The Buggles, XYZ, The Syn, Circa and Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. Like the good old times, Yes still manages to amuse the audience with their exceptional music abilities. They’ve got some of the best instrumentalists along with a gifted vocalist. Together, they make a great band. Don’t forget to reserve your Yes tickets for their upcoming show.