Yo Yo Ma The Silk Road Ensemble

Yo Yo Ma The Silk Road Ensemble Tickets

The awe inspiring Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble are back. For over a decade the group has teamed up with the creator of the project the legendary cellist Yo Yo Ma to combine artists and music from different parts of the globe and create sheer musical magic. This isn’t just any other group, this is the coming together of some of the biggest names in the world of music to share the stage at one event at the same time. Now that they have hit the road once again make sure you grab your Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble tickets so that you can be a witness this fabulous creation.

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The Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble was the brainchild of the iconic Yo Yo Ma. He was born to family with Chinese origin living in Paris. His family shifted to New York when he was only five years old. He started his musical education at a very young age. Yo Yo Ma learned how to play the violin and a viola. Soon he shifted his focus to the cello. He performed in front of John F. Kennedy and Dwight D.Eisenhower as a kid. His first forays into the world of music came when he performed in the capacity of a soloist with the likes of Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra and at the Marlboro Music Festival. His association with the later lasted for four years. His performance and skills brought him rave reviews from everywhere and shot him to stardom. His work on the likes of Cello Suites by the great Johann Sebastian Bach is a part of the most amazing part of the music folklore.
His insatiable appetite to take music to levels unheard of gave him the idea of creating The Silk Road Project in 1998. It is a program that is an international and as global as it gets. He main idea is to bring various cultures, ideas, people together to share and explore the power of music that exists in different parts of the world. The program derives its name from the iconic Silk Road routes that go through numerous parts of the world. The Silk Road Project is a non-profit organization that has funded and created legendary works that have changed the way music has been seen by the masses.
The group that has showcased the essence of the project is called The Silk Road Ensemble or Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble. It is a collective of artists from all around the world. It is not a fixed group rather a very flexible ensemble. It contains a staggering fifty nine members from different Eurasian nations. The unique concept makes it all the more intriguing. Visual artists, musicians, performers, composers, conductors and arrangers the group consists of people from every facet of music in order to cover all the bases. The creator, the man behind the entire concept is an active member of the roster which is why the group is known as the Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble. They have re-creating classics from some of the biggest names in history and all around the world both past and present. On top of that they have also specifically worked on new works by other artists. Their music not only incorporates the sounds from different parts of the world along the Silk Road but also the instruments that are used to create them.
The Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble has played to millions of mesmerizing fans around the world.  Their performances at festivals and concerts are a thing of beauty. No genre or type of music is beyond them. To bring so many different ideas, cultures and styles on board and work on them with so much perfection is not something to be sniffed at. They have been captivating people around the world since 1998 and long may it continue. If you want to see this incredible collection of performers pay homage to music from different parts of the word, then Yo Yo Ma Silk Road Ensemble tickets are all that you need.