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Wanna have some good time! You certainly are lucky! As Young Giant, the rock music icon, is coming to your city, you can enjoy an ideal musical night. It is one of the most fantastic shows of the season so you better not miss it. Since this band is known for its thrilling stage performances, getting Young Giant tickets is the best thing you can do to entertain yourself and your dear ones without doubt. As tickets for this concert are already selling like hot cakes you need to act like a flash or gone is your chance to indulge in a perfect party night.  

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Young Giant has been entertaining music buffs from all around the world since 2004. In a short span of time, this band has made a place of their own and won huge fan following. Sameer Gadhia, Tilley, Cannata, Doostzadeh… all are great entertainers. They are wonderful in their music and vocals and  know how to entertain the audiences on the stage as well. This band was previously known as The Jakes. Roadrunner Records signed it in 2009 and since then they have been producing unparalleled music in a style of their own. Although they are a rock band but their style is distinctive. Listening to them will not make you feel as though you are listening to typical rock music. In fact, you will have a sense of originality which certainly deserves applause.
"Shake My Hand," was their first EP produced by Ian Kirkpatrick. While many of the band’s members were still pursuing their education, their passion in music made them quit their school and they decided to establish their music career as their first priority. Young Giant performed at many platforms during 2009 and were much liked by the music enthusiasts. "Texas Tea", "My Body", "I Got", and "Strings", “Cough Syrup", and "Paid the Piper" include some of their greatest hits. The band has been touring various parts of the country entertaining the music lovers with their great music.

The first album by Young Giant was made public in 2010. The same year, they toured with Minus the Bear and Steel Train. They have also played at a number of other occasions like the Billboard Showcase at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and the Sasquatch! Music Festival, the BBC's Later and more. The band also took part in the Great Escape Festival in Brighton.
Young Giant has got a number of accolades and titles in a very short span of time that can give you an idea of their greatness. They were named MTV's PUSH Artist of the Week while many of their singles have topped the popular music charts.
Nothing equals listening to this band live. This is why being a part of live shows by Young Giant is a perfect way to enjoy some great music and get a break from the boredom of life. Even though you can attend many music concerts this season, being a part of Young Giant live is an experience of its own kind. The band knows how to entertain the music buffs. You will not find this concert like every other rock music show that takes place every now and then. Young Giant has an extraordinary style in live performance. They are innovative in their music and creative in their performances. This is why listening to them up close is certainly the best chance to enjoy a musical night like you have never experienced before.
So before other die heart fans reach out to get Young Giant tickets and leave you unlucky, wait no more and get your hands on a ticket for this show which will make you dance away your worries in a perfect setting. Also do not forget to invite your friends and family so that you can make some great memories together at this show.

Young the Giant is an alternative rock band based in Irvine, California. Formed in 2004, the band was originally known as “The Jakes”. They got their big break when record company “Roadrunner Records” decided to sign them in 2009. They released their self titled debut album the following year, 2010. The current lineup of the band consists of Sameer Gadhia, the lead singer, Eric Cannata and Jacob Tilley, the two guitarists, Payam Doostzadeh, the bass guitar player, and the drummer, François Comtois. When the band first came together, the line-up used to consist of Ehson Hashemian, Sean Fischer and Jason Burger as well.

Recently, the band has gained popularity because the two singles from their debut album have been prominently featured in television shows with a large viewership. Their first single, “My Body” was a featured track in the CW show, “The Vampire Diaries”. The same song was also used in the show “Hawaii Five-0”. Their follow up single, “Cough Syrup” was performed in the immensely popular comedy musical show from FOX, “Glee”. This exposure has boosted their rock band status to the point where Young the Giant tickets are selling out within moments of being announced. Their iTunes sales have increased, and they have consistently been on the “Billboard 200” charts, both for their album and their single.

But before they had achieved this fresh new band status, Young the Giant was simply a group of high school and college students who came together to record some music. Their first big work of the time was an EP which they released under Ian Kirkpatrick, who also served as the producer. This EP was entitled “Shake My Hand”. Over the next few years some members left the band to find a career elsewhere, while some others joined the band till they had the current line-up that makes up Young the Giant today. Before getting signed to “Roadrunner Records”, they recorded some songs that attained a considerable amount of attention. They would play a song called “Texas Tea” which ended up being featured in “The Real World: Brooklyn”, a show by MTV. Another one of their early works, “Paid the Piper” was played on “The Beast” from the A&E network. In 2009, Young the Giant tickets were also sold for the music festival, “South by Southwest” in Austin, Texas.

 Once they were signed, they spent their first year touring with Steel Train and the band, Minus the Bear. During this time, they worked on their album with Joe Chicarelli, the producer. They continued to play shows even after they had finished recording. They toured with Neon Trees, Marina and the Diamonds, New Politics and The Futureheads. Once the album was released, it was heralded as being in the top three rock albums of the year by The album was also released in the UK.

The first single of the album, “My Body” charted on the “Billboard Alternative Songs” charts and reached number five. It was also a hit on the radio. They performed the song on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the ABC network, and “The Daily Habit” for Fuel TV. The song was also featured on “American Idol”.

 The same year, the band ended selling Young the Giant tickets once again for the “South by Southwest” festival in Texas. Later in the summer, they also played at the “Sasquatch! Music Festival”, “The Great Escape Festival”. They also performed for the “Later... with Jools Holland” show for BBC. In mid-summer, they released their follow up single, “Cough Syrup”.

Young the Giant finally got to perform on their first ever award show on August 28, 2011 at the MTV Video Music Awards. This appearance and performance catapulted them into the “Billboard 200” charts where their album reached number 42. The single “My Body” peaked at number 65 for the “Billboard Hot 100”. Following this success, they embarked on a collaborative tour with the band, Incubus. They also performed at the “Austin City Limits Music Festival” and appeared on “MTV Unplugged”, where they performed songs off of their album.

They kicked off this year with a new music video “West Virginia”. This will also be the year when Young the Band will begin its first ever headlining tour on a large scale. Looks like the band is going places! Be there to cheer them on.

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