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Mannheim Steamroller Detroit MI Tickets

Typically steamrollers are known for being anything but musical. Their clanking steam driven engines along with their trundling compacting rollers create a din that is nothing less than a mini earthquake within is vicinity. However, Mannheim Steamroller defies the steamroller norms and has proven to be downright melodious, as the Mannheim Steamroller Detroit performance will bear out.

Steaming out of the composing prowess of Chip Davis that had been finely tuned from an early age, Mannheim Steamroller was a musical phenomenon waiting to happen. Playing the bassoon on the concert band whilst attending the University of Michigan, Davis was quite literally a "Chip" of the old block, what with having a music teacher of a father and a trombonist of a mother.

After performing with the Norman Luboff Choir for five years, Chip Davis's debut musical offering, which interlaced classical music with electric bass riffs and synthesized vibes, was such a breath of Fresh Aire for the Christmas music market that mainstream labels refused to carry it. Such musical chutzpah will be a veritable undercurrent in the Mannheim Steamroller Detroit concert.

Over the decades, Mannheim Steamroller has steadily lumbered through more than 40 million copies of its Fresh Aire and "Christmassy" records that too via Chip Davis's own label American Gramaphone, which morphed from an act of defiance into a recording force to be reckoned with. 

So for seeing an electrifying performance that will give the traditional Christmas carolers a run for their spirit, book your Mannheim Steamroller Detroit tickets now.


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