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"Sugar and spice and all things nice" is what little girls are made of, or so informs us a popular nursery rhyme. Though we still don’t know for sure how all these thing come around to producing the fairer sex, viewers of the popular reality show Cake Boss sure know exactly what trials and tribulations the bakers at Carlo’s Bakery have to go through to make their sweet treats.

Premiering on TLC in April 2009, Cake Boss has been on air for four seasons, clocking some 78 episodes. The show’s format typically follows Buddy Valastro and his family of eight including his mother, four sisters and three brothers-in-law go through all the intricacies of kneading, sifting, mixing and baking that go into the making cakes and pastries.

Established by the baker Carlo Guastaferro more than a century ago, Carlo’s Bakery is located on Washington Street in Hoboken New Jersey. The shop’s rising popularity due to the Cake Boss show and the long lines of sweet-toothed aficionados extending all around the block has compelled the city of Hoboken to grant it its own Carlos’s Bakery Way.

Cake Boss has even spawned several spin-offs such as the Next Great Baker that awards a $ 50,000 cash prize and a baking apprenticeship and Kitchen Boss that showcases Buddy’s family recipes as well as has special guests make appearances.

Book your Cake Boss Houston tickets now to see that though all Valastro family members get their hands deep in dough yet still submit to the master baker that is the Cake Boss.

As the name suggests, Cake Boss is a reality cooking series which is being aired at the cable network television TLC. The show focuses on the brilliant baker ‘Buddy Valastro’ and his team which includes his whole family. The baking show revolves around how they make cakes and some drama is added to make it a fun cooking show. Cake Boss was first seen on TV in the year 2009.

Buddy Valastro is the star of the show Cake Boss. He is the co-owner of the Carlo’s Bake Shop, which was made by his father (late), who was an amazing baker. His ultimate recipes, Buddy’s creative cake sugar art and innovative decorations along with the support of the whole family, made the Carlo’s Bake Shop a huge success. The bakery is situated at Hoboken, New Jersey and that’s the place where the show is recorded.

The thirty minutes long show has aired around 80 episodes by now and has so far received great ratings. Produced by Laney McVicker and Casey Bauer with the help of the three executive producers Pamela Healey, Jim Berger and Art Edwards , the show has attracted a huge fan following. A total of four seasons of the show have been aired and three of them have been released in the form of DVD as well. It is a great way to learn about creative baking. All those who follow the show on TV must be interested in watching it live. So, here is your chance to be a part of the live Cake Boss episode, by grabbing the Cake Boss in Houston tickets.

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