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This year is going to bring such entertainment to the people of the United States as never seen before! The show which is going to increase the fun quotient to greater heights for you is Apassionata! Don’t know what that is? Then keep reading and you will find out what you will be witnessing by purchasing the Apassionata tickets!

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Apassionata is the most popular live entertainment show in Europe. It consists of forty horses and their riders who perform elegant and breath-taking routines for their audiences. It emerged in 2003 when its creator, now producer, Peter Massine came up with the idea of an ultimate horse show. He collaborated with his American partner, Tanya Grubich to bring his idea to fruition. It created a huge stir with its very first show. Since then, it has been regularly performed in more than twelve countries of Europe. These include the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic and Netherlands. It has also won many accolades like the "Best Show" award won at the PRG Live Entertainment Awards night.

Apassionata has earned its reputation by bringing together top equestrians from all over the world to perform in it. Among these equestrians are Giona Brothers, Alex, Pierre and Gianluca. You will witness Alex controlling ten white horses with only his voice and gestures. His talent with horses was appreciated by the Princess of Monaco who presented him with the "Silver Lion" at the 2009 International Circus Festival held in Monte Carlo. Pierre, on the other hand, rides eight horses while standing on them. Another team of equestrians to grace the show will be team Luis Valenca. Luis Valenca is an honorary member of the Portuguese Riding School. He is also considered grandmaster of the Portuguese School of the Art of Riding. His team consists of his two daughters Sofia and Filipa and their thoroughbred Lusitano stallions. They perform amazing stunt riding routines which leave you sitting on the edges of your seats. Showcasing his agility and delicate, light method of riding will be the renowned Spanish rider Migel Barrionuevo. Accompanying the greats will be the Hasta Luego Family, who has won numerous awards for their talent with horses; Tobias Hortsmann, the owner of the biggest stud farm in Germany as well the famous horse ‘Gitan’; and, Laurent Jahan, one of the most talented riders France has ever produced. One of the main reasons which make Apassionata so awe-inspiring is the presence of elegant, agile and noble animals which are a sight to behold in themselves. You will get to see numerous breeds of horses, so much so that a horse lover will find himself or herself transported to paradise. These breeds include the Andalusians with their dance-like charm, Camargue from the South of France with their small but agile bodies and Friesian horses from Netherlands with their thick manes and war horse images. Others are Lusitano from Portuguese with their flashy gaits, the tough and intelligent Shetland ponies, and to the delight of all fans, the very wild and playful zebras! Besides the horses and the horse-riding, what add more charm to Apassionata are the beautiful dressage of the horses and the riders as well as the interesting storylines of their routines.

Apassionata will be coming to the United States for the first time this April. It will tour more than forty cities and will be attended by fans exceeding five million in number. The show has aptly been given the title of "The Beginning". It will begin with the debut show in Louisville’s Freedom Hall in Kentucky, the Horse Capital of the World. It will then be performed in sixty-five more arenas throughout the North America over a span of eighteen months. For this American debut, Massine has brought in a Broadway creative team which has Scott Faris of "Chicago" the musical fame in the lead as the director of the show.

Thus, it is a guarantee that Apassionata will be thoroughly thrilling and evocative. It will have everything from the compassionate to the courageous, from the comic to the complex and from the bold to the beautiful. So now you have every reason to buy the Apassionata tickets! Quickly get them before they are all sold out!

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