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In the fall of 1949, the American arts saw the birth of a vehement and soon-to-be profound and multi-talented William James O’Reilly, also known as Bill O’Reilly. This gentleman would grow up to become a sensational TV host, writer and political activist. His material became worth its weight in gold and his opinion on matters of political nature was taken very seriously. The popular TV show on Fox News called "The O’Reilly Show" was a big hit and has remained one of the most highly rated and viewed programs in TV history. CBS and ABC news had the pleasure to have him as a news anchor and political analyst from the late seventies through the eighties. The entertainment news industry loved him for his quick-witted and highly factual show called "The inside Edition". Till the mid nineties this program alone had a larger viewership than other contemporary rival programs.

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The commentary of Bill O’Reilly is by far considered conventional, conformist and conservative. On certain occasions however he has been known to divert from his predictable way of looking at things. An example is his staunch dislike for the death penalty, claiming it as a non-decrepit and barbarian approach to human rights. Despite his conversion from conformist orthodox approaches, he is still revered for his very customary and traditional political views. He has gone as far as registering himself as an "Independent" political spectator. Over the years, gaining critical acclaim as well as gathering a hoard of like-minded followers, many have even bet on him running for governor. He has ten books under his name which have only increased his number of supporters and fans. Until 2009 he has hosted the famous show named, "The Radio Show".
A very well known face in the world of comedy is the multi-talented, Dennis Miller. He was born in the early fifties and picked an early career in commentating. He was the distinct voice for a number of sporting extravaganzas. Radio and TV producers have loved to have him on board for years. His political commentary is hardly subtle and coupled with a tinge of humor, makes it even more likeable. His views on politics have been refurbished with pop culture embellishments which over the years has spawned much love for this reputed personality. The world came to realize his enigma once he was selected as a member of a very popular show in the eighties. This show was called, "Saturday Night Live" and Dennis has never disappointed his fans. His star persona grew as he did various shows for HBO and NBC. Apart from that, his three hour long radio show called, "The Dennis Miller Show" gathers huge ratings too.
Over the past decade or so, Dennis Miller has been seen as anything but a personality of leftist political views. At one point he may have been liberal and non-Republican, however his heart seems to have closed to that chapter for good. On Bill O’Reilly’s show, he has a special portion exclusively for him which is called "Miller Time". After a long gap, Miller is returning to TV. He has recently signed up to play a part in a much anticipated show called "Awesometown". The show is the brainchild of ABC and is a scripted venture of the infamous Miller for the first time.
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