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The year 2012 is filled with some real excitement as the 2012 Juno Awards are going to take place during the year and Ottawa, the capital of Canada has the honor of hosting this concert. These awards are not just an ordinary award ceremony but something much more than that. 2012 Juno Awards will grapple you to the fullest and make you feel as if you are inside a dream so be ready for some real fun as you shall see these awards making headlines and featuring some of the coolest and mind blowing performances that will surely land you in complete awe. So be all set and prepared for this exciting event and purchase your 2012 Juno Awards tickets as soon as you can because you are surely going to enjoy this great event.

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2012 Juno Awards are basically created to honor the music industry of Canada and the achievements of this industry. It shall highlight the performers and all those artists, musicians and singers who are related to the Canadian Music Industry during the latter part of 2010 and the entire year of 2011. These awards shall feature some of the most popular performers of Canada who have gained popularity and immediate success in the recent times. In this regard Blue Rodeo, one of the most popular Canadian bands that have been performing since three decades now shall be considered in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame . 2012 Juno Awards will feature some of mega performances by Blue Rodeo, deadmau5, Feist and City and Color.

The performers of the 2012 Juno Awards have been revealed in the media and now it is time for you to get super excited about the whole event. This event is surely going to create the best ambience in the music industry. Deadmau5 is a show stealer and he is going to rock the show as always. He shall present great numbers from his albums such as Get Scraped, Project 56, At Play, Vexilology and a lot more. The 2012 Juno Awards are going to be filled with hit tracks from this phenomenon. He is a talented techno musician and a DJ come house producer who has given the Canadian music something different and his unique mouse-head appearance unravels new surprises every time he performs.

The inductees of the Hall of Fame in the 2012 Juno Awards, Blue Rodeo probably need no introduction as they have been into the music scene for the past thirty years. They are a true country rock music band and entered into the industry with a blast when they released their first ever music album Outskirts in the 1980s. They have won a number of awards and have been giving a real blend of musical rock and traditional music over the recent years. Moreover, they have carried inspiration in their work by living legends such as Elvis Costello, The Beatles and Rolling Stones. No wonder that their diversity and inspirational work have won them such an honor in the 2012 Juno Awards.

The other performers that shall be honored by the 2012 Juno Awards are City and Color and Feist. Feist is a Canadian singer come songwriter who started off her solo career in 1999. Her first release was Monarch followed by her albums such as Let it Die and Reminder. Both these albums were a huge commercial success and highly selling albums in Canada. She has won Grammy awards as well and is a true performer who just puts life into the music through her lyrics and of course her melodious voice which you shall also enjoy as you listen to her live on the 2012 Juno Awards.

City and Color has also given remarkable performances and Dallas Green who is the lead guitarist and vocalist who is multi talented. From this recording alias, you shall experience hues of acoustic and folk music and some amazing numbers from the album Sometimes. The songs have been written beautifully and you shall experience something really out of world at the 2012 Juno Awards. So be all set and start counting the days for this mega event which is filled with some great musicians of Canada. So get going and book your 2012 Juno Awards tickets so that you don’t miss something as great as the 2012 Juno Awards.

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