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As a general perception, science and entertainment do not go together but for Mythbusters this certainly doesn’t hold true! The show is a mix of scientific method and gleeful curiosity that tests the myths and their potential to turn into reality by merely experimentations. Hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, this Emmy nominated Discovery Channel Series is now coming to live stage! The news has given a boost to the sales of Mythbusters Live tickets.
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Mythbusters Live brings the audiences face to face with the world of Adam and Jamie as both of them exchange witty statements with each other and the crowd. The show has completed nine seasons with about 209 episodes in total by now. Its fan following since the start has been increasing and till now has reached to millions across the globe.

Wondering what the curious world of both the hosts entails, which has attracted so many viewers over the years? Well, you might have thought to yourselves if running is better to keep dry in rain than to walk? Or whether is it possible to build a magic bullet out of ice? Or how long can a person actually survive in an underground coffin? These are all the absurd questions that come to mind, answers to which are often sought. Mythbusters is here to answers all these questions for you.
Mythbusters Live is one show where the expertise of Jamie and Adman will find answers for you as they carry out experiments to reveal their findings. It’s all scientific and thoroughly researched. Mythbusters Live bridges the gap between myths and reality. The talented team apart from Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage include Rob Bissinger, Sean Neiunwenhuis and Jim Millan. Talking about their talent, Rob has ten years of experience in designing scenery for theater. His work is appreciated and seen all over the United States especially in well known venues such as Capital Rep, St. Louis Rep and Cincinnati Playhouse, among others. The artist also has been designated as a Broadway Associate Designer for a number of productions including the brand new musical ‘Spiderman: Turn off the Dark’. While he handles the set design, Sean Neiunwenhuis takes care of the projection design. His work profile is highlighted by ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Evita’ and several other prominent projects. Jim Milan takes the seat of creative director. He is known in the world of entertainment for conducting the one man show with the CNN icon Larry King and Kids in the Hall comedy group among a list of other shows.
Mythbusters Live with the brains of the Adam and Jamie and the creativity of its team turns out to be a perfect entertainment package. It does not restrict its audiences and targets people of all ages providing quality entertainment. The viewers are glued to their seats for approximately two hours and interest and excitement just keeps on increasing with every single moment.

It has been rumored that Mythbusters Live will not be featuring any explosions. If you’ve watched the television of the show then you must be aware that explosions and experimentations are what the show is all about and if subtracted, the show will be all talk and no action. The management has put all fears to rest and has labeled the news to be false. It has ensured that the show will be based on the same format as that of the television series. So join the team of Mythbusters and find out if cannon can be built out of a tree, does a duck’s quack echo and many more interesting phenomenon of the sort. Mythbusters Live tickets are selling like hot cakes already! So stop waiting anymore and get going! Buy your tickets on reasonable rates before they are all sold out!

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