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You find yourself admiring the chiseled sculpture in an exhibition; its robust rounded curves and muscular sinews that appear to flex any moment. And suddenly, that is exactly what happens. The stone statue seems to have become animated and its askew head slowly turns towards you. You look around and witness all the other sculptures as well as artworks coming to life in a "One Night at the Museum" scenario. Rather than this being some art aficionado's nightmare, it is a dream come true. The Pageant of Masters has been held annually for the last eight decades in Laguna Beach in California and is organized by the Festival of the Arts. The event pits the local denizens in an alternate reality where they are rendered as living, breathing pieces of arts themselves and recreate classical works in stunning attention to detail, right down to the very last button and stitch or smidgen of body paint. Claim some Pageant of Masters tickets now to appreciate iconic displays of art like never before.

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Pageant Of The Masters Laguna Beach CA
Laguna Beach has been a natural setting for creating works of art for over a century. The first painting was officially made back in 1878, ushering in an ongoing era of the patronage and production of artworks. Even with a smattering population of only 300, the locale of Laguna Beach soon acquired the reputation of being a flourishing art community and 1918 saw the founding of the Laguna Art Association to further establish the artistic aspects as the unique identity of the area. With the "Roaring Twenties" seeing the opening of the colony's first art gallery, 1932 saw the commencement of the Festival of the Arts in the week following the Los Angeles Olympics. Amongst the many artistic attractions in the first festival happening was a display of "Living Pictures" conceived and materialized by vaudeville actress Lolita Perine. By 1935, the "Living Pictures Show" had been expanded and was called "The Spirit of the Masters" until 1941 when it was finally dubbed the current moniker of the Pageant of Masters.
Throughout the 20th century, the Pageant of Masters has become the prime attraction of Laguna Beach's the Festival of the Arts and has actually contributed hugely to the city's economic development. It has even awarded scholarships valued in millions of dollars to up and coming artists and art students as well as grants to other entities fostering the arts.
The cultural importance of the Pageant of Masters and its respective festival was especially borne out at the turn of the millennium when more than a quarter of a million people had started to descend upon the locale to witness the world-renowned artistic display. An attempt was thus made to relocate the festival and the pageant to a different location but was thwarted by staunch resistance from the local community and the patrons and artists involved in the endeavor.  
The show itself runs for 90 minutes and entails around 20 works of art "performed" in life-sized versions. So book some Pageant of Masters tickets now to immerse yourself in theatrical expressions of vivid artistic perfection.