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The big top is ready to echo with the welcoming note, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, children of ages, we welcome you to Shrine Circus!’ The event has conducted a number of shows since 1906 and has successfully travelled through generations. It tours approximately 120 cities in the United States and 40 in Canada annually. With the beginning of a new year, the circus is all set for another exciting tour for which Shrine Circus tickets are available already!

Shrine Circus Cities

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Tracking the history of the event, Shrine Circus was held for the first time in Detroit at the Moslem Shrine Center. This site became a historical place which contributed majorly to circus history. Originally the event was only a one ring affair but with time expanded to three rings by 1925. Despite the fact that now the event is conducted in a number of cities, Detroit, that happens to be its origin, hosts the largest affair.

For Shrine Circus, every passing year has brought in developments with the introduction of new acts and talented performers from around the world. When it started, the circus made only a few performances but by the mid nineties, it ran for about 17 days making 40 performances in all. It did not only qualify the event to be the oldest Shrine Circus but also was the most attended event. By this time, the trend of conducting such circuses was already set. They were conducted throughout the country and were introduced to additional shrine centers of every community.

Shrine Circus is prefaced with the name of host shrine in each geographic area where it is scheduled to be conducted. It makes every occasion special with the colorful performances that entertains the audiences and adds flavor to their day. Recently it was conducted in the Thanksgiving Week in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and other regions.

Shrine Circus offers different and unique entertaining acts throughout the two hour long show. They list includes Marathon of Muscular Miracles, that combines superior skill and high energy, Liberty horses, that is a circus tradition,  Exciting Aerial Artistry that happens on the roman rings, Cascades of Canine Confusion, Comedy Galore and a lot others.

With the above mentioned acts, Shrine Circus entertains different sets of audiences with the performances of their interests. The circus has so much to offer that adults and children can easily find their favorite action slots in the show.

Shrine Circus ensures to have an element of drama, humor, sports and theatrics in its show. The acts are a combination of these and happen to be a full entertainment package for the audiences.

Shrine Circus is rated among the top entertaining shows because of the talented list of its performers. Stars like Flying Wallendas, Hannefords, Clyde Beatty and Emmett Kelly have honored a number of shows with their presence as performers. Every year, it chooses the best talent from across the world for the acts. It ensures that the performances that have already been held in any of the shows are not repeated so that the audiences are not bored.

In the past Shrine Circus have had artists like Coprus Christi who can play a variety of instruments at the same time. This specific performer is adept at playing drums, harmonica, tambourine and trumpet. Apart from him, the circus has also got the privilege to entertain its audiences with the largest performing elephant in US getting sporty.

In reference to the latest controversy in making use of wild animals in circuses, Shrine Circus ensures that all the rules and regulations regarding the performing animals are met and no law is violated. The event has already started touring since the start of the year. The schedule of its upcoming shows is out and Shrine Circus tickets sales are soaring. Hurry and get them as early as possible!

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A:No, you will have to pay for Shrine Circus Tickets as and when you buy them.