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The Universoul Circus has come a long way since its inception in the U.S in 1994 by Cedric Walker. It has all the ingredients to spell bind the audiences and is known for its larger than life performances. Universoul Circus is not just any other circus it has always captivated it’s audiences by giving entertainment-packed shows and eventually paving way for higher ratings and maintaining its position as one of the top three circuses in America. Thus, singing, dancing, music and animals are just the tip of the iceberg, it has so much more to offer; there are clowns, a trapeze, break dancing, motorcycle daredevils, acrobats, magic, stilt walkers, and Caribbean limbo dancers. Hence, it is these exotic and one of a kind performances that have earned this circus accolades and have set it apart from others in the competition.

In the 2011 tour it introduced acts like “The Mighty Shaolin Warriors” that turned out to be pretty compelling among the audiences. Also, Rahel of Ethiopia was no less in receiving an overwhelming response and was later referred to as “Pretty Girl Rocks”. To top it off, “Modern Biker Girls” also made a big impact after giving a jaw-dropping performance. Thus, apart from a display of sheer brilliant talent with a heavy dose of entertainment, novelty and grandeur are other factors that contribute to the success of Universoul Circus.
However, for Universoul Circus it has not been a smooth sail right from the beginning, it did see its diminishing phase in the initial years as it failed to carve a niche for itself and to make matters worse it further drowned in debt, but Cedric Walker, founder of the Universoul Circus never backed down and concentrated on having tours. Consequently, shows like “Pomp and Circumstance”, “Hip hop under the Big Top” became huge hits and helped the founder further pursue his dream.  By 1997, the circus had toured ten cities, nineteen cities in 1999, thirty-one cities in 2000 and made its first international tour to South Africa in 2001. Later it hit thirty-two cities in 2005 and has not looked back since then.  
On the contrary, this circus is no stranger to controversies which have been part of it since it came into being. Firstly it does not possess any license to keep the animals; secondly it has failed to provide them with proper veterinary care.  Furthermore, in some incidents animals have been seen in distressful conditions which can be fatal for them in the future. Despite the consequences being mentioned by the authorities, nothing has been done as far as the safety of the animals is concerned.
Universoul Circus has always lived up to its expectations of coming up with its own rendition of circus performances. Like the past, its upcoming show is bound to sweep the audiences off their feet, so let the Universoul Circus tickets save you from letting the opportunity pass you by!

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