Atlanta Falcons Chicago IL Tickets

The Atlanta Falcons are coming to Chicago for their next game, and their fans are ready to show their full support for their favorite team.

The football team from Georgia, Atlanta Falcons has been a member of the National Football League since the early sixties, and have made it to the playoffs a total of ten times in all the years they have been active. Their last appearance was only last year, and the fans are all rooting for their boys to repeat it again this year and perform even better to finally bring home the championship title. At their upcoming game their loyal fan base would be out in full force supporting the team colors.

The uniform of Atlanta Falcons has seen a few changes over the years. But the team colors have more or less remained the same without changing from red, black, white and silver. Back in 1966, the boys would wear red helmets with a logo of black falcon crest. The pants were white and the jerseys sometimes black and sometimes white. The red helmets were replaced with the black ones in 1990s, and since 2004, their jerseys have primarily been red to depict the power and aggression of a true falcon. They still mostly wear white pants occasionally swapping them with black ones for some road games. In 2009 and 2010, for some selected games they wore the old uniform from the early days of the team in 1966 and managed to win all of those special games.

If you are a fan of American Football, then get your Atlanta Falcons Chicago Tickets now.

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