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The herd of Bulls stomped their feet on the ground and geared up to bear down on their adversaries. Breath steaming out from their nostrils, they reared into action and rammed into their rivals again and again. In the grand tradition of their animalistic counterparts in the wild, the Buffalo Bills are always ready to let themselves loose on their opposing footballers as will become evident on the Buffalo Bills San Diego showdown.

The Buffalo Bills currently compete in the East Division of the American Football Conference of the NFL. They snorted into existence upon the creation of the American Football League in 1960 and became part of the NFL following the AFL-NFL merger ten years later.

During their AFL years, the Bills horned their way to 2 League Championships and ground their hooves into 4 Conference Championships and 10 Division Championship wins. Since their creation, the Bills have been persistent in attempting to clinch a Super Bowl title, though have not been able to yet despite having made 13 appearances. Nonetheless, it will be their unwavering energy that is bound to make the Buffalo Bills San Diego event a highly memorable one.

Though having become famous for his performance after his NFL career, O. J. Simpson was the first raging Bills footballer to gain prominence by being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame .

Billy Buffalo and the vivacious Buffalo Jills are all set to spur their team in completely defusing some Chargers, so book your Buffalo Bills San Diego tickets now.

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