Carolina Panthers Glendale AZ Tickets

Since the game pioneered, American Football has produced stellar teams, each boasting of talented players. One such team is Carolina Panthers that was established in 1993. The team has hardly disappointed its fans and hopefully its upcoming match in Glendale will also generate positive results.

Carolina Panthers have won a couple of Division and Conference championships and made four NFL playoff appearances. The head coach Ron Rivera has been working very hard to put the team at par, especially for the upcoming season. The Panthers since formation have come up with a record of 125-141 and also appeared in Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, Texas. They've beaten many renowned teams in the previous years and have always made their fans proud. Their history in American football is not that old yet they have maintained quite impressive credentials and have a huge fan following.

Ever since their inception, the Carolina Panthers have given their fans a lot to cheer for. Due to their extraordinary game playing, the Panthers have made several rivals some of which include the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Besides fans, Carolina Panthers are also supported by their mascot ‘Sirpur’, who plays a major role in their success. He not only cheers for the team but also keeps on pumping the crowd to create an electrifying ambience. ‘Sirpur’s’ biggest rival is ‘Jaxson De Ville’, mascot of Jacksonville Jaguars.

If you're bored of your day to day routine, then grab this opportunity for change and come enjoy some time with your favorite football team. Secure the best Carolina Panthers Glendale Tickets right now!

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