The Harlem Globetrotters Madison WI Tickets

The Harlem Globetrotters gives you a fun-filled live basketball experience. It is an exhibition basketball team which was established in 1926 as ‘Chicago Globe Trotters’. Its name changed to Harlem Globetrottersin 1929. Ever since its inception, the team enjoys an ever increasing fan support and has maintained a unique image. The mix of comedy, theater and sports is not seen often, but this team provides you with this ultimate combination. The joint efforts of the owner Shamrock Holdings and the team players have led to numerous international performances. It has performed in 118 countries by now and the fans from all over the world proudly associate themselves with this team. At The Harlem Globetrotters Madison show the fans will see the players playing professionally, adorning red and blue uniform and being supported by their mascot. It has even competed with the professional teams in the initial years.

At The Harlem Globetrotters Madison show, you will hear the fans singing the whistled version of ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’, the fight song. The team receives proper guidance from the head coaches and plays the double role of entertaining the audience by adding up witty antics to the game. They are frequently seen on TV shows and movies but here is your chance to see them live in action. Get yourself best of The Harlem Globetrotters Madison tickets and enjoy the exciting show in a thrilling atmosphere.