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This year, the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC is going to be the perfect setting for a clash between two exceptional groups of athletes vying for that coveted top spot, the Atlantic Coast Conference Champions Trophy . Every year, the first Sunday of December pits the winners of the Coastal Division and the Atlantic Division against each other, which promises to showcase the best in both of these groups. It is the most anticipated contest in the College Football calendar as it decides the champions and also confirms a place in the Superbowl championship series for the winner.ACC football Championship game remains one of the most competitive and widely watched games in the football season. This season also, acc football championship tickets are likely to sell out fast!

The Atlantic Coast Conference had a tough time in the 90’s as they saw neighboring South Eastern Conference (SEC) include 12 teams by 1992 and become eligible as per NCAA regulations to hold championship games. However, it was not until 2003 that the ACC members started pursuing other teams to be included in the league. The Atlantic Coast Conference before the 2004 regular season used to decide the winner by a round robin play during the regular football season. As per NCAA regulations, Atlantic Coast Conference could not have a championship game at the end of its 2004 season due to the number of teams. With the addition of Miami and Virginia Tech in 2004 the tally for the Conference went up to 11 teams. It wasn’t until the inclusion of Boston College in 2005, that the league became eligible to hold a Championship game at the end of the 2005 regular season. Two divisions were formed comprising of six teams each. And the teams on top of each group were invited to play in the ACC Football Championship game.

The first Atlantic Coast Conference championship game was held on December, 3 2005 at the Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. The game was between Virginia Tech Hokies and Florida State Seminoles. With an attendance of more than 70,000 the inaugural game was a huge success. It laid a strong foundation for these Championship games. With Dr. Peppers sponsoring and coverage rights with ABC Network, the Conference was able to attract a legion of fans.

Virginia Tech remains the most successful team in these championships winning in 2007,2008 and 2010.They lost out to Florida State in 2005.Other teams to win these championship games are Wake Forest in 2006 and Georgia Tech in 2009.Virginia Tech has appeared 4 times in the finals out of which they won on three occasions. Georgia Tech has also been in the finals once before, but they lost to Wake Forest in 2006.Boston College has been a finalist on two occasions in 2007 and 2008. Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech quarterback, has been awarded MVP on two separate occasions in 2008 and 2010. The venues of these games are strongly contested between the teams. The first five years the finals have been held in Jacksonville and Tampa Florida. Charlotte, NC has been the host for ACC football Championship games since last year.

This year promises to be an interesting contest between Clemson and the other team is yet to be decided. Clemson has been in the finals before when they lost to Georgia Tech in a very close game in 2009.This year, they will be looking to compensate their heartbreaking loss 2 years ago. The second finalists are yet to be decided after the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Virginia Cavaliers game. The winners will be facing a determined Clemson side, who have been looking good all season, losing only two of their games and winning nine.

The player to look out for in the ACC Football Championship final is Sammy Watkins. The freshman has taken the world of college football by storm. Clemson Line Backer Courico Hawkins gushed about his team mate saying ‘ He is one of those cats where he’s ahead of his time ’. Only 18 years old and averaging of 187.2 all purpose yards Virgina Tech and Virginia Cavaliers will be keeping a close eye on this young man.

ACC Football Championship tickets are going to be a hot commodity this year with Clemson looking strong and Virginia Tech hoping to make a fifth appearance in the ACC Football Championship finals. The fans on December, 3 at the Bank of America Stadium are going to witness an explosive final which is going to be a perfect end to an amazing year.

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