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One of the main series of Baseball is the American League Championship Series (ALCS), covering the League's most competitive teams and clubs. The post seasonal play is a decisive series that hands over the League’s pennant to game winners and the title to the ALCS finale winner. The National League Championship Series awaits the winner to unveil the most exciting and thrilling ball game in the World Series.

The foundation of ALCS was laid when the American League was restructured as the East and West division. The initiation in 1969 brought the division toppers to compete against each, representing their very own division. ALCS a best-of-five series, evolved over a decade into a best-of-seven series. Participating teams pass through a rigorous grind of cut throat competition. The victorious team move to the final tier, the World Series. Revamped and recreated with three divisions, the ALCS allowed four participants; the divisional winners and a wild-card entry. All of them are to engage in the American League Division Series ALDS; a postseason best-of-five elimination round. ALDS winners advance forwards to the ALCS and play the best-of-seven round. This system has proved rather neat and transparent; and corroborates well with the ALCS.

American League has seen all its members playing the ALCS. Detroit Tigers are Detroit based Major League members. A charter franchise and club, the Tigers began as a part of the Western League in 1894. It now belongs to the Central League and have been training and playing at their very home ball park, Commercia, in downtown Detroit since 2000. Two ALCS title wins, four World Series championships and carrier of ten American League pennant makes ALCS Detroit Tigers a highly potent contestant for the ALCS.

Coming from a city overshadowed with craze for sports, the Detroit’s Tigers' ball game is exceptionally profound. ALCS Detroit Tigers have extensive record of achievements on their portfolio. Since 1894, the team thrived and succeeded with powerful ball game. Ranking second after the Yankees, the team always brought home a championship here or runners up title there.

Detroit Tigers boasted of the finest creed of players. The greatest names of baseball dominating the twentieth century were largely Tigers. A Large majority of Detroit Tiger’s ballplayers took lead on their individual performance and team play. Some were even inducted to the Hall of fame ; after being elected from amongst a couple of baseball giants of the era. Tyrus Raymond Cobb is one such name. His command over team play and later as a manager kept the Detroit Tigers in full swing. Amongst other hitters were Harry Heilmann and Sam Crawford who kept associated with Cobb and delivered record scores of the century. Base men Mickey Cochrane, Hank Greenberg and Leon Goslin along with pitchers Tommy Bridges, Rudy York Bobo Newsom and Schoolboy Rowe substantiated the team and ball game from all aspects.

A break in their accelerated momentum resulted in the mid nineties. But names like Al Kaline, Denny McLain and veterans Norm Cash and Willie Horton struggled and kept the game alive. The 1969 unexpected seven-game run over the Cardinals brought hopes up once again. Then onwards, ALCS Detroit Tigers’ career graph stayed rather stagnant. Apart from two championship seasons, Detroit Tigers became only a name of the yesteryears.

Sparky Anderson realigned the ALCS Detroit Tigers and was able to proclaim wins like the 1984 American League Championship. Accredited to Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammel, Kirk Gibson, Howard Johnson, Jack Morris and Willie Hernandez the team took the World Series. Three decades later the team shone with brilliance competing with New York Mets and finished one short at 43-119. Under Jim Leyland’s wing, high value players Magglio Ordonez and Justin Verlander, the Detroit Tigers made a comeback. The ALCS and American League pennant win took them to the World Series once again. The games lost against St. Louis revived the Detroit Tigers for a new reign of glory.

The team realigned once again underpinning every single bit from training to fitness and strategy planning. The ALCS Detroit Tigers all set to restore its long lost glory, made it to the top. Within three years it bagged ten League pennants, four world championships, eleven home run championships and twenty three batting championships. Loaded with anticipation for more interesting wins; ALCS Detroit Tigers tickets are becoming a highly valuable commodity. To avoid a sold out mark, ALCS Detroit Tigers tickets must be purchase at the earliest.

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