Alcs Texas Rangers Tickets

While football may be the most popular sports in the US, baseball holds its own position in the hearts of the American public. The sport has been played for over a century now and the teams are followed by millions of people all over the country. Major League Baseball is the main governing body for baseball in the US and is divided into two leagues; the American League and the National League. Every year, one team from each league is chosen to go head to head with each other in what is called the Baseball World Series. The World Series is the ultimate prize in baseball in the US. To decide which team will be chosen, a 7 match series is held between two of the best team from each league. The series between the top two teams of the American League is called the American League Championship Series or the ALCS.

The two teams that play in the ALCS play a total of 7 matches. One team out of the two is chosen as the home team and they host four of the matches while the remaining three matches are hosted by the away team. As the American League is divided into 3 division, the winner of each division goes into the ALDS with one wild card team. The two winners from this divisional series then go on to play in the ALCS.

The Texas Rangers play in the Western Division in the American League in MLB. The team represents the Arlington area of Texas and has been doing so since 1972. The team has won two ALCS titles while they have also won five Western Division championships. The team first started playing in 1961 as the Washington Senators before they were moved to Texas. In their last game as the Washington Senators, the crowd stormed the field to show their disappointment over losing their team. Almost 10,000 fans had illegally entered the stadium just to cause a ruckus.

The team didn’t find much success until 1974 when they started posting winning records and almost made it to the playoffs twice. Many players were awarded MVP prizes. The team still had a problem with attendance at the Arlington Stadium as the heat and humidity at the stadium stopped people from coming and enjoying the games. While baseball games are traditionally played during the day, the Texas Rangers had to make special arrangements and even took special permission from ESPN to start playing their games at night. ESPN agreed to broadcast their games at night and up to this day, most Texas Rangers weekend games are played at night.

The team did not win any divisional championships till 1996 when they won the franchise’s first ever championship. The success continued through the late 1990’s when the team won their division in both 1998 and 1999. These wins then saw a large championship win draught and the fans had to wait till 2010 to see their team winning again. Luckily for the fans, the team not only took the divisional championship that year but also managed to win their first ever AL Pennant and make it to the playoffs for the World Series for the first time in their history. They repeated their success in 2011 when they again won their divisional championship and the AL Pennant.

The Texas Rangers have had a few rough years but they seem to be getting their own back now. The last two years have been extremely successful for the team and this year’s ALCS Texas Rangers game seems to be the pinnacle of their success. If you want to be a part of the 7 match series and want to see your team take on the best, make sure you have your ALCS Texas Rangers tickets in hand.

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