Atlanta Falcons Vs Carolina Panthers Tickets

American football has a kind of thrill that no other such sport can offer to its audience. In exciting matches like Falcons vs. Carolina all the football lovers will once again rush to the stadium to see their favorite teams play at its best!

The Atlanta Falcons is an Atlanta based professional football team. They play professional football in America and are at present members of the South Division in the National Football League . They became the members of the league in the year 1965. Throughout their career they have played some outstanding matches and won many prestigious titles and championships. They have won the division championships four times in 1980, 1998, 2004 and 2010.

Initially the Falcons struggled for some time but in the year 1971 they won their first season in the Monday Night Football game that was played in Atlanta. In the year 1978 they for the very first time won an entry into the playoffs and were able to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in a Wild Card game. In the year 1980 they showed the world what they were capable of doing. They won nine matches and made the best record of the season that year and ended the season by winning the West Division Title . In 2008 Thomas Dimitroff was made the general manger of the team and in the same year Mike Smith was hired as the Head Coach of the Falcons. Under the guidance of this new administration the team did extremely well that season and emerged as one of the most promising teams in American Football. Later on for a short period of time they did perform badly but after some time the team regained its lost spirit and came back to once again win their lost titles.

The Carolina Panthers is a North Carolina based Professional football team. They play for the South Division in the National Fooball League . This team was formed in the year 1993 and after two years of its formation i.e in 1995 they became a member of the National Football League. In the very same year they hired Dom Capers , who was previously a defensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers , as their first head coach. Under his supervision the team flourished immensely and became one of the strongest teams in the league and won their first season. In the very next year the Panthers under the guidance of their coach won the Division Title but were defeated by the Packers in the Conference Championship .

As the name indicates the uniform of the team has a logo of a panther’s head which is made in blue outline whereas the helmets are metallic grey in color. The rivalry between the Panthers and the Falcons dates back to the time when both the teams were playing in the West Division . Since then the fans of both these teams anxiously wait for the teams to face each other in a match like no other.

Falcons vs. Carolina Football tickets guarantee your entry into the stadium where these two teams play against each other for not only winning the championship but also for glory and prestige.

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