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Before their populations were decimated by marauding hordes of European colonizers, Native American tribes had not only enjoyed a symbiosis with indigenous wildlife but revered them for their supernatural powers. Animals such as the bison and the hawk have featured heavily in Native American lore usually undergoing transformation from one form to the other. However, there is another phenomenon that is far removed from anything to do with the so-called "Red Indians" and yet has depicted the process of transition from a seminal bison form to several hawk oriented ones. The Atlanta Hawks have been clawing at the sport of basketball for more than six decades and are members of the Southeast Division within the Eastern conference coming under the NBA. And to catch them in their soaring act on the court, reach out for those Atlanta Hawks tickets before they take flight.

The Atlanta Hawks started their existence as the Buffalo Bisons in 1946 and then underwent a metamorphosis into the Tri-Cities Blackhawks a dozen odd games later. Five years later, they flew over to Milwaukee to become the resident Hawks and then on towards St. Louis 4 years on. Where their counterparts in the animal kingdom may habitually undergo such frequent migrations, the constant relocation for the NBA Hawks franchise apparently took its toll on the players and they collectively rendered their team as one of lowest ranked in the league.

However, the Atlanta Hawks soon redeemed themselves after drafting Bob Pettit and during their stint in St Louis and flew off with five consecutive Western Conference titles from 1957 through 1961, with Pettit latching on to two back-to-back NBA MVP titles and being included in the All-NBA First Team 10 times in a row. Bob Pettit is ranked as having the third highest average of rebounds per game, right behind Bill Russell and Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain. 1958 saw the Atlanta Hawks fly to their highest point of glory when the landed on their first and only NBA championship title after knocking out the Boston Celtics in six games. The Hawks also bagged 4 Division titles, the last of which was picked up in 1994.

Skipping the NBA draft for the 2010-2011 season, the Atlanta Hawks picked center/power forward Keith Benson of Oakland University as the 18th pick in the 2nd round of the 2011 NBA draft. Benson is the first basketball player coming out of Oakland University to be ever drafted by an NBA franchise and though headed towards Italy to play in its Serie A League after graduation, was able to opt when the NBA lockout ended.

Having been under the ownership of the media mogul Ted Turner from the late 70s to the early 2000s, the Atlanta Hawks are currently owned by Atlanta Spirit, LLC. The hawkish mascot duo of the Atlanta Hawks, Harry the Hawk and SkyHawk, show the fans at the Philips Arena that they can also fly up there with the best, making half-court shots, alley-oops and 360's. So curl your fingers around some Atlanta Hawks tickets soon to watch them ball hawk like nobody's business.

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