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In today’s society, sports are an integral part in everyone’s lives. From a very young age, every single person is encouraged to be more and more involved in different fields of sports. In the United States alone, every educational institution holds a proud heritage in the field of sports. Universities are, at times, defined by their excellence in the different fields of sports that they part-take in. A university’s sports department is often given one name which covers all the teams that play different sports, all of which play under that very same name. For Baylor University, the Baylor Bears is precisely that. It represents all the teams that play for the university and is one of the most recognizable names in college sports. Pre-ordering your Baylor Bears Tickets is the only smart way to ensure that you get a chance to witness this excellent team play live against their opponents.

The Baylor Bears came into existence as early as the university itself, which was formed back in the year 1845. It is, at present, the only team which operates under a private educational institute in the Big Twelve Conference. The Baylor Bears were part of the Southwest Conference and had been so since the year 1914. They ended up joining the Big Twelve Conference upon its establishment in the year 1996 when the Southwest Conference was rescinded in the same year. The students who are enrolled in the sports program in the university compete under the Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Over the course of its time in the Big Twelve Conference, the varsity went on to win their first ever NCAA title in the year 2004. The title came when the Baylor Bears men’s tennis team came out on top against the challenge put up by the University of California, Los Angeles in the championship game. They also ended up in the runner up position in the following year by a very narrow margin and it was also against last year’s finalists UCLA, the team the Baylor Bears defeated on the previous occasion. The Baylor Bears’ only other NCAA Division I Championship came in the year 2005, a year after their first ever championship, and was won by the Women’s Basketball Team. They defeated the Spartans of the Michigan State University in the final game of the championships by a total score of eighty-four against sixty-two. The team also has one of the most recognizable mascots in the NCAA. Both these mascots are black bears and each one belongs to the different gender. The male mascot goes by the name Joy whereas the female mascot goes by the name Lady.

The Baylor Bears, in total, covers a total of sixteen varsity sports teams, all of which play under the same name for the Baylor University. Seven of these teams consist of men whereas the remaining nine teams comprises of women. The Baylor Bears have won a total of sixty-nine conference titles. Forty-two of these titles came during the team’s time in the Big Twelve Conference, whereas the remainder came earlier. Their most successful team over the course of the varsity’s history have sprouted from the university’s tennis department, for both men’s and women’s teams. In total, the men’s tennis teams have won an incredible total of ten conference titles whereas the women’s teams have won the conference title for a staggering amount of eight times. Out of the total of sixteen, fourteen of the varsity teams have gone on to win the conference title once or more times. This is a stat which quietly sums up the sporting history and heritage that this university carries along with it.

Every team that participates in a specific sport has a certain rival who is considered as their biggest and most important. To the Baylor Bears, one team is considered their fiercest rival; the Texas A&M Aggies. Their rivalry packs so much history that it is dubbed as the Battle of the Brazos. The name takes significance from the Brazos River that runs near both the universities. They also hold an old and fierce rivalry with the Texas Christian University, one which they have started to stir up as of recently.

Considering the sporting heritage that the Baylor Bears packs along with themselves, it would be quite a memorable moment for anyone to witness this legendary varsity perform in front of them live. This is your chance to be able to do just that. Buy your Baylor Bear Tickets today!

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