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Basketball has been played in the United States for many years, be it under the "National Basketball League" until the 1940s, or the "National Football Association", aka NBA as it is played today. Whether you enjoy the sport or not, you would definitely have heard of names like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. The popularity of the sport is such that it has elevated these athletes beyond basketball and has made them pop culture icons. Other than the players themselves is the phenomenon of the different teams. Each state has a team of its own, and while some dominate others, the team spirit itself is visible all over the country during basketball season. Words like the LA Lakers, the NY Knicks, or the Dallas Mavericks mean much more to basketball fans that have been supporting the teams for many years. The sport has become a very important part of the American culture. Families save up for months on end to obtain BB tickets for prime seats.

A lot of the sport’s popularity can be credited to the NBA. As an organization, they have worked towards integrating all the teams and creating premier leagues and championships. Currently, there are 29 teams from the United States and one from Canada in the NBA. Together, the teams are also part of the larger FIBA or the "International Basketball Federation" and the USAB. It also operates as the official national mediator for basketball, responsible for setting rules, creating schedules for matches and combining statistics. This makes it amongst the four principle sports league in all of North America. Their format for commercialization has been quite successful thus far because their players are perhaps the highest earning athletes in the world. Michael Jordan is amongst the most globally recognized people and has been endorsed by companies such as Nike and Coca Cola. Modern players such as Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal are also following in his footsteps. They are also part of the reason why basketball tickets are so popular at this time of the year.

The current season of basketball is the 67th time that a championship of such nature has been played under the NBA. The season began at the end of October with the "Miami Heat" tournament. In this game, the home team played against the "Boston Celtics". Still, the more exciting matches are yet to come, so keep your BB tickets ready. So far, the NBA has announced that the highly anticipated "All Star" game will be played in mid February at the Toyota Centre in Houston. Until then, the fans can indulge in other thrilling season games such as the "NBA Europe Live" or the "NBA China Games". Fans in Canada can also buy basketball match tickets for the "NBA Canadian Series". The series will bring together teams like the "Toronto Raptors" and "Detroit Pistons" in a much awaited face off. Advertisements for the season have already begun; promoting dark horse teams that could upset the defending champions.

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