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Horse racing has been an amazing means of entertainment for centuries. Belmont Park of New York is host to a yearly summer event called the Belmont Stakes. This is a horse race in which thoroughbreds compete in an American Grade I stakes category. The two and a half kilometer race allows horses only younger than three. The different classes in the race based on the type of horses or thoroughbreds depend on their weights. In each class however, the weight limit is also enforced allowing for more fair competition. Every June, Belmont Park becomes filled with fans and hopefuls who wish to see their thoroughbreds win the final leg of the United States Triple Crown. It is held after a gap on a little over one month form the Kentucky Derby.

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Owing to its location and the on-scene coverage which the Belmont Stakes commands, this thoroughbred competition is ranked forth from the top in all of America. No other stake race commands the respect or the following which this horse racing event does. This can be appreciated by the fact that in 2004’s race, the total viewership was close to twenty two million. No other race has had a household viewership even close to that of Belmont. This broke a record which was nearly thirty years old.
No event gets the respect and adoration of people unless it has a rich history. New York being a town with immense history over the centuries has not slacked on the fronts of thoroughbred races either. Back in the late eighteen hundreds, Jerome Racetrack won the bid to host the first ever Belmont Stakes. The great August Belmont was the chief financier. It was after him that this great race was named. When he passed away at the age of seventy four, the race was no longer held at Jerome Park. It was held at Morris Racecourse for nearly fifteen years, when in 1905, a deal was signed to shift the race to a magnificent brand new arena called the Belmont Park. This four hundred and fifty acre gem of a racetrack was situated close to Queens just on the outskirts of New York City. For two years, the race was not held as an anti-gambling law had made any sort of gambling or betting illegal. During its restoration during the sixties, the race was held at a track called the Aqueduct Racetrack.
Traditions keep such events alive for decades. The Belmont Stakes gives the same trophy, the August Belmont Trophy, to all its winners since 1915. It is touted as one of the most sought after in the whole US. It was only after 1921 that the race accepted the American traditional counter-clockwise race, before that it was always clockwise. Revered as "Test of Champions Race", owing to the fact that it is the last race of the thoroughbreds in the Triple Crown, Belmont Park is surely not an easy race to win. At two and a half kilometers, it is tough for young and sometimes inexperienced colts to maintain their speed for the whole distance. Timing for every move is critical.
Back in 1919, the first ever person to hold the title of winning the Triple Crown was the great, Sir Barton. The fastest speed ever clocked by the towers of Belmont is a staggering two minutes and twenty four seconds. This record was set by a thoroughbred which many have nicknamed "Winged Angel" as well. It was called Secretariat and it set this amazing record in the early seventies. Thirty one lengths seem nearly impossible to achieve and it is no wonder that the record made at this famous track stands to this day.
Every first Saturday of the month of June after the 5th is the day the Belmont Stakes is held. The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday every May. Following this highly watched and famous race is the Preakness Stakes race. Once this race is over, nearly a month after wards, on the aforementioned date, this horse racing event is held. It is however never held after the eleventh of June. This is a great time for you to grab hold of those Belmont Stake tickets. If you are a fan of horse racing then this is definitely going to be an unforgettable event for you. With those Belmont Stakes tickets in your hands you are truly going to experience an event which will be truly remarkable. 

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