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Bernard Hopkins often referred to as The Destroyer or The Executioner, is a famous American boxer who is currently the light heavy weight champion of WBC and Ring Magazine. In May 2011, at the age of forty-six he defeated Jean Pascal based on a unanimous decision, thus setting a new record, held earlier by George Foreman. Hopkins is also well known as the previous uncontested world middleweight champion, alongside being the first fighter ever to keep four world titles from each of the main boxing sanctioning bodies, while still holding The Ring belt through the same fight. He has won the world middleweight title twenty times, which not only set a record, it also made him the biggest middleweight champion for all times. According to the ranking by The Ring, he stands on the third position among the ten best middleweight title winners from the last fifty years. After winning a total of sixty-one fights, Hopkins has proved his abilities in defeating his contestants, which is why Bernard Hopkins tickets are such a treat among fighting fans.

Bernard Hopkins joined professional boxing in the capacity of a light heavyweight, getting defeated in his debut fight to Clinton Mitchell in 1988, in New Jersey. He lay-off for sixteen months but continued his career as a middleweight, finally defeating Greg Paige with a unanimous decision at the Blue Horizon in 1990. Between early 1990 and late 1992, he won twenty-one consecutive fights, winning sixteen by knockout and twelve in the first round. His series of wining fights was finally interrupted when in 1993, he was defeated by Roy Jones Jr. in the first time. Hopkins received coaching from Philadelphia based Bouie Fisher through beginning in 1989 till 2002, and 2003 to 2005, after which Fisher’s assistant took over coaching Hopkins. Fisher’s training however stood world class since he won honors such as Eddie Futch-John F.X. Condon Award from the American Boxing Writers Association, as the Trainer of 2001.
Bernard Hopkins was invited to fight again by the IBF, who suggested that he contest Segundo Mercado in Quito, Ecuador which was Mercardo’s home city. Mercado knocked Hopkins on the floor twice before Hopkins let the fight stretch out longer and came to a draw. The IBF right away scheduled a rematch in the April of 1995, in which Hopkins took the world championship with a technical knockout win in the seventh round in Maryland. In his very first title defense, Hopkins won from Steve Frank in a short time spans of twenty-four seconds. By December 2000, he had won the IBF title twelve consecutive times, through which time he defeated big act fighters such as Glen Johnson (who at the time was reputed to have never been defeated), John David Jackson, Antwun Echols and Simon Browns.  Since Hopkins had entered the middleweight unification tournament in 2001, a series of fights were scheduled with the main title-holders of middleweight. The boxers in the tournament were all well-established fighter of the time including Keith Holmes the WBC champion, Felix Trinidad and William Joppy who was a WBA champion at the time.  
By February 2005, Bernard Hopkins attained the middleweight record of twenty title defenses, at the age of forty, which is the age at which most fighters retire. Hopkins finally had the opportunity to fight the number one WBC Middleweight fighting contender Howard Eastman, who at the time was the champion of European middleweight. Hopkins seemed to be winning the fight from the first round, winning with a 116-112, 117-111 and 119-110.
Some other competitive boxers Bernard Hopkins has fought with after moving to the light heavyweight ranks, include Chad Dawson, Jean Pascal, Roy Jones, Enrique Ornelas, Kelly Pavlik, joe Calzaghe, Winky Wright, and Antonio Tarver.  If you want to watch a thrilling fight, between some of the most competitive and unstoppable boxers, then get some of those Bernard Hopkins tickets.

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