Boston Celtics Season Tickets Tickets

Boston Celtics is a prominent basketball team from Boston, Massachusetts which was established in the year 1946. Boston Basketball Partners LLC are the owners of the Boston Celtics and TD Garden serves as the home base for the team. Ever since the team’s inception, it has played extraordinary basketball and has never let down its fans. The Boston Celtic Season matches as well as other championship matches attract huge attendance every time.

One of the most prominent National Basketball Association teams, Boston Celtics play in the Eastern Conference. Only a few years after its emergence, Celtics proved its talent by winning a record eleven titles in thirteen years (from 1957 – 1969). It also made a record for the longest winning streak, having won championships for eight consecutive years. Throughout the sixties and seventies, this team dominated in NBA and had several exceptional players in the team including Larry Bird, John Havlicek, Bill Russel and Red Auerbach. Auerbach became the coach in the later years. Four players from this team won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. Two of the most significant players from this team passed away after the most successful tenure, leaving the members in a big shock and a slight decline during the nineties.
With the beginning of 2000s, Boston Celtics were seen in form once again with some fresh hires. It came into prominence by winning division titles and other championships in late 2000s. Since 2005 till date, the Celtics have been winning the Division title each year. Overall, the team has won 21 Division titles and 21 Conference titles, whereas it got seventeen championship trophies. ‘Lucky the Leprechaun’ the team’s mascot reflects Irish heritage, as there’s a large chunk of Irish population in Boston. Their uniform comprises of four colors that include green, black, yellow and white.
Under the superb coaching of the experienced Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics is doing great. The general manager Danny Ainge and other officials are proud to associate themselves with this talented team. Celtics has developed a strong fan base over the years and its current roster includes many award-winning players. Boston Celtics share strong rivalries with multiple teams. Its rivalry with Los Angeles Lakers is known as one of the best NBA rivalries as both these teams are the most talked about franchises. Philadelphia 76ers have met the Celtics at NBA Playoffs more than any other team. Therefore, these two teams also share a strong rivalry. Other prominent rivals include Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat.
Boston Celtics have an excellent winning record and is noted for entertaining the basketball players in the best manner. They won’t let the fans get bored at their upcoming match. Be it the regular season match or a championship final, the team plays in front of huge spectators. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy a live basketball game yet, then you are recommended to get the Boston Celtics Season tickets and enjoy the game that will soon hit the stadium.

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