Buffalo Bisons Tickets

The Buffalo Bisons are an old Minor League Baseball (MiLB) team having a rich history that dates back to 1879. Because of this the team has managed to build a huge fan base for itself and Buffalo Bisons tickets always sell very fast.

The teams participating in MiLB are at a level which is lower than major League Baseball (MLB). But there are many opportunities for the players to develop and move to better and bigger games. The Buffalo Bisons are members of the International League through the Northern Division. In Minor League Baseball there are team classifications as basically these teams are preparing players for Major League Baseball. And as far as MiLB teams are concerned Buffalo Bisons is at the highest level of play with a Triple-A class level. The team is an affiliate to the New York Mets and a lot of Buffalo players progress to a more illustrious career with the Mets. The Bisons are the home of Mets prospects.

The Buffalo Bisons' history can be traced back to a National League club of the same name playing in 1879. The team became a member of the International League and moved into MiLB in 1886. By 1899, the team had joined the Western League and was enroute to join the MLB when the Western League was changed to American League.  And when the team was made to leave the American League the next year to create space for Boston Americans, the team returned to playing the minor league.  The team moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and the name was changed to Winnipeg Whips around 1970, but in order to make room for the Memphis Blues, at the end of 1973 season, the team was suspended.  Again in 1979, a Double-A team moved to Buffalo, and it was decided to call the team Buffalo Bisons. The team again became a member of the Eastern League by 1985 had reclaimed its Triple-A rank. The same year the team joined the American Association and when in 1997, the association folded, became a member of the International League.

Buffalo Bisons have made 11 playoff appearances since 1985. In addition to this they have managed to win six League titles with their most recent title in 2004, and four Division titles, with the last title won in 2005. The current roster for the team includes some of the best outfielders, infielders, catchers and pitchers. More prominent among the players are pitchers Pedro Beato,  Robert Carson, Elvin Ramirez and catchers Lucas May and Mike Nickeas.

Under the guidance of team manager Wally Backman, Pitching Coach Mark Brewer and Hitting Coach George Greer the boys have been showing tremendous form and are more than likely to bring home the minor league title this year.  The Buffalo Bisons use the Coca Cola Field as their homeground which has a seating capacity of approximately 18,000 people. If you are a fan of the Triple-A team, get Buffalo Bisons tickets now to see your favorite team make history this season.

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