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The Calgary Flames is an ice hockey team from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The team comes under the Western Conference’s Northwest Division as classified by the National Hockey League. Along with the Edmonton Oilers, they make up the two franchises NHL has set up in Alberta. After the Calgary Cowboys and the Calgary Tigers, they are the only major ice hockey team to represent the city of Calgary.

Calgary Flames was first formed in 1972, originally in Atlanta, Georgia. They were then known as the Atlanta Flames. In 1980, they were relocated to Calgary. At that time, their home ground used to be the Stampede Corral. Here, they played some of their earliest games. After their third season in 1983, their home arena shifted to the Scotiaband Saddledome. This remains their home base to this date. The team is also known for its famous rivalry with the Oilers. The games that the two teams play together have been dubbed the "Battle of Alberta". Calgary Flames tickets become especially popular during those matches as they are often intense events.

The Flames is the first team from Calgary after the Tigers to participate in the Stanley Cup. In the 1988-89 season, they won their first championship. They also won at the Heritage Classic games in 2011, an event they had hosted. Other than that, they have won the division championships five times, and have won the Presidents’ Trophies twice.  Calgary Flames is also known for its "Western Hockey League" franchise called "The Calgary Hitmen". Other than that, they have a "National Lacrosse League" franchise called the "The Calgary Roughnecks". They have an entertainment centre to their name, "Flames Central" in Downtown Calgary. Through this centre, they have been able to donate nearly $32 million to charity since its establishment.

Calgary Flames was formed when the NHL went on strike against World Hockey Association’s upstart. When the "Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum" was formed, the NHL wanted to keep the WHA team, "New York Raiders" away from it. To compensate this, they game them the "New York Islanders" instead. Moreover, when the scheduled matches were disturbed as a result, the NHL granted another team to the Atlanta association that was headed by Tom Cousins. They named this team, "The Flames" in memory of General William Techumseh Sherman who was part of the American Civil War in which the city of Atlanta was nearly ruined. When the team was formed, their home ground became the "Omni Coliseum".

Calgary Flames received quite a lot of success in the beginning. They played eight seasons in which theymade playoffs in six. They also had good coaches who helped them in the early parts of the career; AL MacNeil, Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion, and Fred Creighton. While they were gaining success, the other NHL grant team, the Islanders were struggling with launching themselves as major league players. They only managed to win 31 games in the span of two years. The Flames, too, would ultimately meet the end of their winning stream, winning only two seasons in Atlanta after the playoffs.

Even though Calgary Flames was gaining some amount of success in its games, their status off ice was constantly in question. The team was subjected to financial problems which meant that their ownership with Atlanta might be dissolved. The team never managed to get any major company to sponsor them, or the amount of television airtime as the other teams were getting. Eventually, the then owner, Cousins was forced to sell the team to a Canadian entrepreneur, Nelson Skalbania. He had previously owned the Flames’ rival team, the Oilers. This is when the team moved from Atlanta to Calgary. In 1981, Skalbania, too sold the team, and since then, they have been locally owned.

In the current season, Calgary Flames is being managed by Jay Feaster. This is only a temporary arrangement given that the team only came in 14th place under the management of Darryl Sutter. Fans can expect the team to make a comeback with the new set up. The team is looking to gain a spot at the post season tournament. With Iginla reaching his 500th goal, Calgary Flames tickets will be worth the purchase.

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