Catania Vs Ssc Napoli Tickets

Every Italian Serie A season brings with it renewed optimism for every team in the league. Catania vs SSC Napoli is one game that will pit two teams with their aspirations to take the next step. Both sides have spent the past few years in making changes to their squads and that puts them in a very good position to go that extra mile. Grab Catania vs SSC Napoli tickets to see if the changes have had the desired effect.

The game itself promises to be a wonderful encounter. The first team in the Catania vs SSC Napoli match is the one from the city of Catania. The club came to existence in the year 1908. They have spent a lot of their time over the years in the second tire of Italian football but that looks to have changed for the better since 2006-2007. That was when they made their long awaited return to the top level football in Italy and have made constant progress by remaining there since.  They have made a pretty good start to the current campaign which puts them in the middle of the league which puts them in the right position to make a concerted effort to put more points on the board and climb the ladder. Catania finished in the eleventh in the league last season and with the start they have had in the ongoing season there is no reason to think they can’t better that.
On the other hand of the Catania vs SSC Napoli football match we have the football club from the historic city of Naples. The team have been a constant presence among the elite since their inception way back in 1926. The fanatical support they enjoy put them on forth spot on the list of the best supported Italian football teams. It was the 1960’s that put Napoli on the road to becoming one of country’s best teams. During that era they won the Coppa Italia once and the Coppa delle Alpi once. Led by one of football’s greatest ever player Diego Maradona,they went to the top of Italian football for the first time by the end of the 1986-1987 campaign by winning the Serie A title. They repeated the magnificent feat in 1989-1990 by winning the league one more time. They also won the prestigious UEFA Cup in 1989 to solidity their status as one of the best in the country.
Catania vs SSC Napoli is a game of football that will not only see two amazing teams go head to head but will also pit two sides that have a very special bond between them. The friendship that exists between the two sides and their supporters is one of the most special sporting relationships in the country. This is a game that is always played in the right spirit and how the sport should be played. Buy Catania vs SSC Napoli tickets and be a part of this wonderful spectacle.

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