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The Champions Challenge tennis is a high end summer sport event of the year. Held at the beautifully mowed lawns of the Stroke Park, the venue’s Players and Legends enclosures are always studded with Celeste of stars. The Stadium and Garden enclosures allow for the most retreating and scenic views of this aesthetic marvel. Each challenge is a series of twelve one night tournaments offering great tennis. Compacted into a five week season, it is a sports affair with a very social touch. A must attend for the top notch tennis players, socialites and celebrities; each tournament attracts thousands of guests. Not only do they get to see the real match but also meet practicing players in training facilities.

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Awaiting to catch their favourite stars and interact with them in person; fans flog to the Challenge. One of their dearest dreams is realized when they get to mingle with the star clan, at a social and casual level. Tennis fans anticipate the announcement of this challenge each year. With the announcement of the Challenge’s venues, match dates and player fields; hype for the challenge starts building. Potential attendants toil insistently for Champions Challenge tennis tickets.

The Champions Challenge tennis showcase tennis champions from all over the world. Through this sponsored set of tennis games, champions come and compete at various venues to prove their substance. An ace in this tournament is a value addition to the player’s portfolio. Local tennis players make special efforts to participate in this challenge. The challenge offers ample opportunity to increase their respective ranking points. Another attraction which is even more lucrative is the Champion’s Challenge tennis bonus pool. The pool is prize money mounting a grand total of one million Dollars. For them as participants, the bonus and recognition would prove a breakthrough in their careers.

Inaugurated in the year 2002, the Champions Challenge tennis became an instant hit. Amongst sports critics it rose up as one of the most exciting tennis championship. It has all the essentials in place, stimulating senses from participants to guests. The Champions Challenge marked the end of the tennis season choosing top three champions from amongst champions. The winners are celebrated as the bonus pool is shared vie-a-vie the positions on the ranking podium. Over almost a decade the Champions Challenge has experimented with the structure and delivery of the event. Every time a variant came and presented exhilarating tennis.

The Challenge continues to reformat to promote tennis a more popular and accessible sport in the US. An exhibit of world class big-time professional tennis the game initiated as four day package of engrossing fixtures. Guest attending the affair the first and second time gave rave reviews. Player’s selection, exciting fixtures, credible referees and not to forget, impressive showcase of tennis; the championship had it all. With more demand and popularity building every year, a fifth day was included to extent the contest’s highlight series.

The best world professional tennis players including Tim Henman, Maria Sharapova, Andre Agasi, Greg Rusedski made multiple appearances in the 2006 Challenge. This very line-up and a promising new line-up of participant lead to the sold out 2007 Champion’s Challenge tennis. Particularly the match bringing world favourites, Fernando Verdasco and Novak Djokovic to the court, generated much hype. Followed by major show of heated tennis and exchange, such fixtures became the trademark of the Champions challenge Tennis.

From the year 2008 onwards, the Champions Challenge was being regarded as a warm up event of the Wimbledon. It aced in showcasing and setting very high standards of tennis. The fixtures treated onsite and remote viewership every single minute. That year Andy Murray, David Nalbandian and Djokovic entertained Stroke Park with highly energetic tennis. The 2009 Challenge featured explosive performances from the range of top players; Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Nickolay Davydenko and Djokovic and Philipp Kohlshreiber. The year 2010 was even more intriguing when the champions list comprised of world top four seats. Davydenko Djokovic, Verdasco and Gael Monfils displayed massive competition, a unique spirit envisaged for the first time on the Challenge.

To mark ten years of relaxing but power packed tennis, Stroke Park presented an awaited collection of players in 2011. One set of players included Djokovic, Andy Murray, Juan Del Porto and David Ferrer. Frenchemen Monfil, Gilles Simon and Richard Gasquet teamed up with Nalbandian and Verdasco in the best ever Champions Challenge lined with spirit of warmth and celebration. The Champions Challenge tennis tickets take the fortunate guests to experience this fantastic challenge. It will most definitely be a riveting experience, bound to captivate everyone.

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