Champions Tennis Series Champions Challenge Tickets

2012 will bring to the tennis world some of its biggest players facing each other off in an exciting circuit series by PowerShares; it is being called the Champions Tennis Series: Champions Challenge. All the major faces of the sport are scheduled to play in the tournament. These include James Blake, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer. The players will be travelling together to most of the top arenas all around the United States in this touring competition. Other big players like Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Michael Chang and Andre Agassi will also be a part of the series. Each time, the players will be put in a group of four until a champion rises. The champions of each group will then play against each other. Since the tournament starts this October, Champions Tennis Series: Champions Challenge tickets are already on sale.

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The first key player in this tournament is Roger Federer. Originally from Switzerland, he is currently the number one tennis player as ranked by the ATP. He is arguably the greatest tennis player to ever live as claimed by many a critics, tennis fans, analysts and his own co players. He holds many world records and has hundreds of titles to his name. In the Open Era, he held the number one spot for over 291 weeks. Thus, in the Champions Tennis Series: Champions Challenge, he is going to prove that he has truly earned this reputation by playing against the very best.
James Blake will also be returning to the tennis court. The American player is known most for his strength with the racket and the speed with which he approaches the match. About him it is known that when he is at his best, he is unbeatable; however, he has met with many career lows as well, which have affected his overall rankings. If one considers his all time best, he holds a number 4 ranking in the entire world. He is known for winning the "Tennis Masters Cup" in 2005, and reached the semifinals at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. After his career slump, he came back stronger than ever, which is why many call him the comeback kid of tennis. Hopefully, this season will see him in a good shape as well.
John McEnroe will also be joining the ranks this year with the rest of the players. He is also someone who has been a number 1 rank holder in the past. He is known in the sport for his skillful shots and the artistry with which he masters his strokes. He is also known for being really confrontational in the court, which has led to many controversies with the authorities. Still, he has rightfully earned a place in the famous International Tennis Hall of Fame. He will be facing off his lifelong rival, Bjorn Borg in the forthcoming series. For tennis fans, this is a chance to see some of the finest games that will, perhaps, ever be played in the sport, so get Champions Tennis Series: Champions Challenge tickets.

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