Champions Tennis Series Champions Showdown Tickets

This year’s "PowerShares Series" is going to bring together the absolute biggest names in tennis in the ultimate battle. These matches are being called the Champions Tennis Series: Champions Showdown. Each of the main competitors in this tournament is a world champion or a medal winning Olympian who has risen to the top as the face of their sport. These are Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg, James Blake and John McEnroe. The games will be played around the country in 13 of the major arenas. The tournament starts in mid October and will go on till the end of November, so get Champions Tennis Series: Champions Showdown tickets in time.

Roger Federer is going to be amongst the players who have set out to prove themselves this season. Currently, he holds the number one spot in the sport, as listed by ATP itself. Some even call him the best tennis player to have ever lived. He has been heralded by not only critics, fans and analysts; his opponents have also always sung his praises, solidifying the fact that he is truly the greatest. Having earned many titles and setting many world records, Federer is now attempting to defend his place in the sport by playing in the Champions Tennis Series: Champions Showdown alongside many others who are also tennis legends in their own regard.
Another player who will join Federer in the tournament is James Blake. The tennis player from Tampa, Florida is as much known for his ups and downs as he is known for his strength and speed. His approach to the games that he plays is always full on, which at times has affected him adversely. When he is at his best, he is good enough to get a number 4 ranking in the entire world. His current rank, however, because of his career lows is number 106. Still, he has achieved quite a lot in his good days, including a "Tennis Masters Cup" back in 2006. The upcoming tournament will determine if he can live up to his comeback kid title.
Another player who will be a part of the tournament is John Patrick McEnroe. At 53 years of age, he is perhaps the most experienced one in the bunch. He was formerly the number one rank holding player all over the world. In the tournament, he will be playing against his arch nemesis, Bjorn Borg. In his career, he began to be known for his swinging style, which displayed skill and artistry, and for his confrontational incidents where he would pick fights with his opponents and question the umpire’s authority. He is still regarded by many as one of the best tennis players of the time, and rightfully so, because he has won many prestigious titles in his career; he has several "Grand Slam" titles, and many more "US Open" titles. He is also an inductee of International Tennis Player’s Hall of Fame. Champions Tennis Series: Champions Showdown tickets then becomes absolutely necessary for people who want to see quality games in this season.

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