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We have all admired the power play of tennis greats during their heydays. Where the 1980s were dominated by the likes of the legendary John McEnroe, the 1990s saw the emergence of the troika of tennis titans, comprising of Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and Patrick Rafter. Some of us were indeed fortunate enough to witness the incredible tennis travails of McEnroe or experience the smashing tennis playing unleashed by Sampras, Agassi and Rafter. However, the present generation of tennis fans has only been able to see one or maybe two of them in exhibition matches. Latch on to some Champions Tennis Series Nasdaq Indexes Cup tickets for beholding charismatic quartet in an energy packed fight to the finish.  

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The PowersShares Series, formerly known as the Champions Series was founded in 2005 to exclusively showcase tennis players aged 30 and above. The series was created by InsideOut Sports + Entertainment that is based in New York and was formed by Jon Venison, previously an executive at SFX and Jim Courier, the former top-ranked player. The company itself was founded in 2004 and besides the PowerShares Series has organized a number of other successful tennis events such as the "Legendary Night" series of exhibitions, various corporate outings and assorted charity functions.  
The 2012 PowerShare Series entails a total of 12 events each being played out in 12 different cities across the US. The series features eight former world number one tennis players and champions, who besides Agassi, McEnroe, Rafter and Sampras include, Mats Wilander, Jim Courier the creator himself, Michael Chang and Jimmy Connors. The Champions Tennis Series Nasdaq Indexes Cup will be the highlight of the 12-city tour and will have four of tennis's greatest champions competing for the coveted #1 ranking, not to mention the added bonus of $1 million in pool money up for grabs by players finishing in the top three on the circuit towards the end of the season.
Each of the four players is a tennis institution. Andre Agassi who hails from Sin City has been hailed as one of the most awe-inspiring players the game has ever seen, famed for his phenomenal service returns. He career saw him clinch eight Grand Slam titles and reach the #1 ranking. Patrick Rafter started playing tennis when he was just five years old and went pro 14 years later. His scintillating career includes two back-to-back US Open titles and time spent at the top spot in world rankings. Pete Sampras is arguably the best player the sport has been witness to in the past century. "Pistol Pete," as he was famously dubbed for his rocketing returns and power serving and has hauled in 14 singles Grand Slam titles during his career, spending a record setting six straight years as the top-ranked player on ATP. John McEnroe needs no introduction, having claimed 7 singles and 10 doubles Grand Slam titles. So secure some Champions Tennis Series Nasdaq Indexes Cup tickets to be immersed in a lucid dream of blazing tennis playing courtesy a fantastic foursome.

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