Champions Tennis Series Powershares Challenge Tickets

There are few sports where living legends continue to enthrall crowds with their phenomenal playing and charismatic endurance. Tennis is one of the only games where the titans of yesteryear are still packing in the arenas with their power-packed performances. The annual PowerShares Series has been enabling tennis aficionados and a new generation of fans alike to behold their awesome might since 2005. Established by the former number one Jim Courier, the PowerShares Series is the next best thing to having watched the tennis greats in their prime. So claim some Champions Tennis Series PowerShares Challenge tickets now to relive the glory.

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The Champion Tennis Series, now officially referred to as the PowerShares Series was created in 2005 by the New York based company InsideOut Sports + Entertainment. The purpose of this tennis series was to showcase the players who had crossed the age of 30 so as to level the playing field for aging players. The structuring of the series has especially benefitted from the involvement of tennis legend Jim Courier, who formulated the series along with Jon Venision, a former executive with the SFX channel.  
The 2012 installment of the PowerShares Series has the added advantage of being designed by Larry Magid, who as an impresario has built up quite a reputation for himself in the field of sports related even management. Each of the 12 tournaments to be played out across 12 major cities in the US has been organized around a three-match structure entailing four players in each tournament. There will be two semi-finals and then the winners will play an eight-game pro set final. An eight-game pro set match is used as a replacement for a six-game two set match and the first player to clinch eight games with a two-game lead is declared the winner.
The Champions Tennis Series PowerShares Challenge will feature veterans Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe against each other in the first semi-final and court commandoes Pete Sampras and Jim Courier in the second one. Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe are the biggest names the sport has ever seen and have both reigned at the top spot during their hey days, with the former having held on to it for a total of 268 weeks and the latter being the youngest player ever to achieve the world no. 1 rank at age 22. Courier is a two-time French and Australian Open winner and Sampras claimed a record-setting total of 14 Grand Slam championships.
Prior to the commencement of the matches, there will be two VIP sponsor clinics, each with one pair of competing players that will offer the participants to avail special coaching tips from the tennis giants. There will also be a VIP cocktail event with all the players where the attendees will be able to mingle with the superstars over drinks and hors d'oeuvres. So book some Champions Tennis Series PowerShares Challenge tickets now to be witness a fiery foursome set the court ablaze with their rocketing volleys.

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