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America’s favorite football team, Chicago Bears is one of the most entertaining teams in the professional football scene. This team of National Football League was established in 1919 in Chicago, Illinois while the headquarters of Chicago Bears is based in Lake Forest Illinois. As an NFL team, Bears have won 8 championships and has also been Super Bowl winners in 1985. Chicago Bears have made 26 playoff appearances and as a part of North Division, it has won 18 championships. Moreover, Bears have also won 4 Conference championships of the NFC. Chicago Bears tickets are the most speedily selling sports tickets in Chicago as hundreds and thousands of fans gather in the venues to watch the team play.

The head coach of Chicago Bears is Lovie Smith under whose skilled supervision the Bears play to their best, winning titles after titles. The team of Chicago Bears is owned by Virginia Halas McCaskey and the general manager is Jerry Angelo. The team got the name of Chicago Bears in 1922 before which the team was called Decatur Staleys and Chicago Staleys in different periods. Chicago Bears play their home games at the Soldier Field where the team moved in 2003. Before that, Bears passed through several home arenas changes which comprise of Staley Field, Wrigley Field and Memorial Stadium.

Previously known as Municipal Grant Park Stadium, Soldier Field, the home arena of Bears is located in picturesque surroundings of Chicago. The stadium was rebuilt and was made more facilitated for the attendees and the teams. Now the stadium has a seating capacity of more than 60,000 people. Chicago Bears is a team comprised of a group of young and enthusiastic players who use their full capabilities to keep the name of the team on the top. With a history as shining as the Bears, it has produced a number of skilled players who have got their name inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chicago Bears have won Super Bowl once and has shown the potential that it can achieve this title again. Therefore, each new season of the Bears is worth following. And if fans want the most thrilling games, these are the games with Bears famous rivals. Fans get to hear "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" roaring through the speakers as the team comes out on the field. The spirit of the game is increased by the team mascot ‘Staley Da Bear’ and adds fun to the game. Chicago Bears tickets have seen exceptional sales in all of the team’s history. The team has a huge fan base which makes it a point to attend the games and follow the Bears season religiously. Each new Chicago Bears season bring something new for the fans to look forward to and the squad of young talented players come up to the fans’ expectations to present an energetic game. Chicago Bears tickets are a treat for the fans of Bears as well as for anyone wanting to spend their money on a quality and entertaining football game. And no one comes out disappointed from the arena!

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