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Chicago Blackhawks, popularly called Hawks, are a Chicago based ice hockey team who have gained much recognition for winning four Stanley Cup Championships taking the most recent one in 2009-10. The professional team is a member of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the national Hockey team League (NFL). The Chicago Blackhawks uniform colors are red, white and black, thematically related to the team’s circled Native head logo. After playing at the Chicago Stadium for sixty-five years in 1994, the team switched to United Center as the new arena for playing their home games.

In 1926 when the NFL established in the United States , the Chicago Blackhawks joined the league in its very initial phase of expansion alongside New York Rangers, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple leafs, Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings. The team’s earliest owner, Frederic McLaughlin, was a coffee magnate, who during World War 1 had commanded the 86th Infantry Division with a subdivision that was colloquially nicknamed the ‘Blackhawk Division’. This subdivision earned its name from the high profile personality Chief Black Hawk who was a Native American figure from Illinois history. The Chicago Blackhawks were named after this historical figure in order to honor the McLaughlin’s military unit, and derive the Native American head logo from the same roots.

The Chicago Blackhawks have impressively gathered many awards and trophies on both, individual and team basis, most significantly winning league championships through the Stanley Cups in 1934, 1938, 1961 and 2010. In 1991, the team was also awarded The President’s Trophy , the prestigious NHL award, after making the highest scores in that year’s season. The team is a well-known winner of Western Conference thrice and the Eastern Conference twice. Since the team’s inception, numerous members have taken career achievement awards from the categories of Hockey Hall of Fame and the Lester Patrick Trophy . The latter is a non-NHL award that is given to someone who has made significant contributions to United States ’ hockey. Many Chicago Blackhawks players have also been mentioned in Top 100 NHL Players of All-Time in1998, a title given by the Hockey News.

Chicago Blackhawks are known for a rather controversial, nevertheless, intriguing tradition of singing the national anthem, with their fans boisterously cheering in screaming celebration for the team. This tradition goes back to 1985 when it was performed for the first time at the Campbell Conference playoff game . Till today, fans collecting the Chicago Blackhawks tickets excitedly look forward to the national anthem which is really an opportunity for them to actively participate in the games. Another interesting feature of the team is their fight song called Here Come the Hawks which also serves to an introduction and is always played at their home matches. This official song was produced in 1968 by the Dick Marx Orchestra and Choir song’s writing was the joint effort of J. Swayzee and a Chicago Blackhawks hardcore fan. In 2007 the Hawks were gifted another song called Keys to the City by Ministry and Co conspirators as an honorary gesture. Besides these features, the famous team has been dedicated Chelsea Dagger , a song by the The Fratellis, which is played over the stadium sound systems for the team’s victorious moments such as the when the team hits a goal or simply whenever the team wins. This encouraging, spirited theme song gained much popularity as a goal song when the Hawks won the Stanley Cup after forty-nine years in the 2009-2010 season.

Thecharismatic Chicago Blackhawks have gained much popularity in recent years prompting much attention from the media. During the 2008-2009 season, 82 Hawk games including playoffs were widely televised, of which a minimum of 20 were broadcast on WGN - TV . Then in 2011 the Hawks’ president John McDonough and former team player Denis Savard were invited to the Morning News , where they announced the team’s contract renewal with WGN-TV for the next five years. The Chicago Blackhawks havealsobeen aired on Comcast SportsNet Chicago , WSCR for the last 8 seasons and WGN Radio with which the team signed a contract for 2008-2011.

You will be able to spot the Blackhawks in their predominantly red, black and white jersey uniform, which in the GQ of November 2004, was counted as one of the best 25 sports uniforms of all time. So make preparations for their upcoming games, get the Chicago Blackhawks Tickets and be there to sing ‘Here Come the Hawks’.

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