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Based in the beautiful city of Chicago, the Chicago Bulls is a basketball team that was founded professionally in the year 1966. The Chicago Bulls plays in the National Basketball Association in the Central Division. The professional basketball team’s home games are held at the United Center, which is an arena that hosts indoor games. The United Center was named after one of the arena’s biggest sponsors, The United Airlines. Owned by Jerry Reinsdorf and Rocky Wirtz the arena was built in the year 1992, and this state of the art arena cost a whopping one hundred and seventy five million dollars to build. The arena becomes a host to almost thirty three thousand basketball fans during the Chicago Bulls Season game which you can also become a part of the next game by purchasing Chicago Bulls Season tickets immediately.

The peak season era for the Chicago Bulls was the era of the 1990s. It was during this time period that the Chicago Bulls was able to win six consecutive NBA championships all of which included Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan on the team. Moreover, these championships were won under the coaching era of Phil Jackson. Amongst the six championships that were won, the team members playing included Horace Grant, Bill Cartwright, Luc Longley, Ron Harper, B. J Armstrong and Dennis Rodman. The Chicago Bulls are the only basketball team to win over seventy games in a single season. During the 1995-1996 seasons the Chicago Bulls won a whopping seventy two games. It was this team that led to the massive popularity and fame of the NBA in the 1990s. Get to see the Chicago Bulls indulge in another Chicago Bulls Season game, in which they vow to create history. Remember to acquire Chicago Bulls Season tickets before they run out, if you are a fan.
Forbes deducted that the Chicago Bulls falls amongst the top three most valuable franchise basketball teams in the NBA. The Chicago Bulls is worth almost six hundred million dollars. In the year 2011, the team was able to make the record of become one of the most profitable NBA franchises by earning an estimated fifty nine million dollars. The team is also the home to two of the most valuable basketball members in NBA, who have received awards of this title; Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan.
The team colors for the Chicago Bulls include a combination of black, red and white colors. The logo for the Chicago Bulls is a red bull’s face full of aggression. The tip of the horns is red indicating blood spilled on the horns. The most intense rivalries of the Chicago Bulls include massive hatred towards the New York Knicks, Detroit Piston and the Miami Heat. If you wish to see this popular professional basketball team charge against its rivals in the next Chicago Bulls Season game, then get your hands on Chicago Bulls Season tickets today. 

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