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Chicago Bulls, confident, headstrong and full of fighting spirit. This is one team that surely has gone a long way in making basketball even more popular throughout world and especially in the US mainly through their amazing play and fighting spirit. Decade ago the Bulls were literally ruling the game of basketball and were simply unstoppable. Basketball lovers the Bulls are going to be in action again very soon so buy affordable Chicago Bulls tickets and feel the adrenalin rush all over you.

Chicago Bulls as evident from the name are a basketball team that is headquartered in the windy city of Chicago in Illinois. They are among the very few teams that have not moved to other cities and since the founding year in 1966 Chicago Bulls are based in Chicago. The Bulls play all their home games at the extremely popular venue the United Center. This center is situated on 1901 West Madison Street and from 1994 till date this sports arena is the home venue of Chicago Bulls. From debut till the year 1975 they played in the Mid West division of the Eastern Conference then finally became a part of the Central Division but the Conference is still east. The red clad Bulls are amongst the most successful NBA teams ever, till date they have got eight Mid West division titles, seven Central division titles, six Eastern Conference and six NBA championships to their name. The 90’s decade was literally the decade of Chicago Bulls as they were simply unstoppable winning three NBA championships in 1991-92-93 and repeated the winning streak in 1996-97-98 making them one of the very few teams who have won an NBA titles so many times. Currently the Bulls are owned by Jerry Reinsdorf, the team is ranked at #3 on the Forbes list of most valuable basketball team in NBA.

Chicago Bulls had some of the finest basketball players such as Michael Jordon, Dennis Rodman, Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and Scottie Pippen. In the mid 80’s Chicago Bulls acquired star player Michael Jordon and this was the start of Bulls uplift to fame. In the seasons of 1984-85-86 the Bulls managed to reach only the first rounds of the Conference. In the year 1988-89 the Bulls rose to fame as they stood in the Division at #5 and #2 respectively and managed to reach the Conference finals losing both times to their arch rival the Detroit Pistons. In the next three year Chicago Bulls proved to be a force to reckon with as in these years they stood first in the Conference and went on to win their first ever three NBA titles by beating strong opponents like Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns. In 1993-94 they lost both times in the Conference semifinals. After that the next three years they again toped in the Conference and won three NBA titles in a row by beating Seattle Supersonics and Utah Jazz twice. Since 1998 Chicago Bulls went into a bad patch as star players like Jordon, Rodman and Pippen retired leaving a relatively new set of players. In the last few years mostly they lost in the first rounds of the Conference. The latest season of 2010-11 proved to be the best since 1998 as they again topped in the Conference and raced to the Conference finals to a fierce rival Miami Heat by 4-1.

Fans the Chicago Bulls are all pumped up to regain their fame and with a strong lineup of young but passionate and strong players they are definitely looking to win the next NBA title. You must be at the venue and beware that limited tickets are left so do get affordable Chicago Bulls tickets only from us before all the best deals are sold out!

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