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The major league team based in Chicago is called Chicago White Sox. Belonging to the American League, it is also its charter member. There were frequent competitors during the early 20th century and won 5 of the first 19 league pennants but "Black Sox" scandal happened in 1919 and all went downhill from there. Only one league championship was won from 1920 to 2004 but 2005 changed all that as they won the World Series Championship.

Originally called the "White Stockings," they won the first AL pennant in1900 as a minor league team. They acquired a number of stars and captured AL's first major-league pennant in 1901. "White Sox" was the name given to them by headline editors at the Chicago Tribune sports department and was officially adopted in 1903. Their pitching and defense continued to develop as they were led by pitching workhorse Ed Walsh. Outstanding performances of Walsh, Doc White and Nick Altrock enabled them to win the 1906 pennant and their first World Series. It was a stunning upset over the Cubs and the 1906 Sox became the "Hitless Wonders" for having the lowest team batting average in the American League that year. This tag continued resurface from time to time until the 1970s.

The dominated the American League with a record of 100-54 in 1917. Led by Collins (.289 91 runs), Felsch (.308 102 RBI) and Jackson (.301 91 runs), their offense was 1st in runs scored and they were victorious of the pennant by 9 games over the Boston Red Sox. Led by Cicotte (28-12 1.53 ERA), Williams (17-8 2.97 ERA), Faber (16-13 1.92 ERA) and Russell (15-5 1.95 ERA), their pitching staff ranked 1st with a 2.16 ERA. Chicago White Sox lost seven of their best players in the middle of their prime and dropped into seventh place in 1921. They couldn't surface until 1936. During that low, only the 1925 and 1926 teams even managed to top .500 even though they had stars such as third baseman Willie Kamm, shortstop Luke Appling and pitcher Ted Lyons.

Manager Jimmie Dykes helped them in regaining power from 1934 to 1946. However, a full recovery did not happen until the team was rebuilt in the 1950s under managers Paul Richards, Marty Marion, and Al Lopez. Between the dumping of star players by the Philadelphia Athletics and the Red Sox, and the decimation of the White Sox, a "power vacuum" was created in the American League, into which the Yankees would soon move.

The fact remains Chicago White Sox' fan base has not taken the losses to heart blaming it more on inferior teams, poor management and bad luck. Chicago White Sox led the wild card race in 2006 but were eliminated from playoff contention. Chicago White Sox eventually finished with a 90-72 record, the sixth-best in the major leagues and the best by a non-playoff team.

Chicago White Sox bagged numerous successes during the year and won both cross-town inter league series against the rival Cubs, taking the first two games of each series at U.S. Cellular Field and Wrigley Field. Chicago White Sox now lead the all-time series against the Cubs, 29-25 and finished inter league play with a record of 14-4, including a 7-2 mark in National League parks. Chicago White Sox drew 2,957,414 fans for an average of 36,511, third in the AL. They had a total of 52 sellouts and broke the previous team record of 18. They hold another record of drawing 75 crowds in excess of 30,000.

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