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Cleveland Browns the name says it all, a team that has been ruling the hearts of football fans for many decades now. The Cleveland Browns are a part of the National Football League, they are also the member of the American Football Conference and they play in the Northern Division. Till date they have got an amazing twenty-eight playoff appearances and have won thirteen Divisional championships. Fans come and watch your favorite team in action get Cleveland Brown Tickets from us for a thrilling game of football.

Cleveland Browns were founded by a famous entrepreneur and football game lover Arthur McBride as a charter member in the year 1946. McBride hired a famous football personality Paul Brown not only as the head-coach but McBride also named him the general manager as well as the vice president. A team naming contest took place, initially they were named panthers but as there was already a team with the same name so finally owing to the fame and popularity of Paul Brown the name Cleveland Browns was selected. Paul Brown had an immensely successful career with Ohio State Buckeyes and played a vital role in shaping the career of star players like Bill Willis (nose guard), Mac Speedie (wide receiver), Otto Graham (quarterback) and Lou Graza (offensive tackle/kicker).

Cleveland Browns for five decades played all their home games at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium but since 1999 they have moved to the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Current team president is Mike Holmgren, head coach is Pat Shurmur and the team is owned by Randy Lerner. The Browns are headquartered in the spacious Cleveland Browns Training and Administrative Complex that is situated in the scenic city of Berea in Ohio. The official team mascot is called chomps and the team colors are burnt orange, white and seal brown. The current team uniform includes a seal brown jersey white and burnt orange stripes with white pants having seal brown and burnt orange stripes. The helmet is completely painted burnt orange. The Cleveland Browns besides divisional titles have also got eleven conference championships and four National Football League and four AAFC titles to their name. the Browns have yet to qualify for the Super Bowl.

Under the amazing leadership of Brown the Cleveland Browns immediately stunned both the fans as well as the critics. Just in the first year of their formation they went on to win four consecutive AAFC (All-American Football Conference) championships in the years 1946-47-48-49 making them the first ever team to have an unbeaten season. This was surely a record as the Browns lost only four games. This record was broken after two decades by the Miami Dolphins as the Dolphins became the first and only team till date to finish the season unbeaten without losing a game.

Cleveland Browns joined the National Football League in the year 1970 since then they have stood first in the regular season six times. Their best performance till date was in the years 19-86-87-89 as they were first in the division winning most of the games they played. In these three years Cleveland Browns won the Divisional playoffs but surprisingly lost all the three conference championships to their arch rivals the Denver Broncos. Since then they have only qualified for the Divisional playoffs once in the year 1994 and this time they were beaten by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fans you must have seen the games of Cleveland Browns on your local sports channel but watching them live is an experience that you surely don’t want to miss at any cost. They are geared up to win their next game so better not miss it, just grab your Cleveland Browns Tickets only from us and get ready for a thrilling game!

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