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Cleveland Cavaliers most of the times got too close to success but could not actually taste super-success. They took home the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2006-07 season, though they lost the championship title to the San Antonio Spurs. NBA life for Cavs had been quite hard and challenging, here is brief account of their endeavors throughout their history.

Cleveland cavaliers emerged as an expansion team coached by Bill Fitch back in 1970 after they came to Ohio. The Cleveland cavaliers also known as "Cavs" went through a lot of struggle after a poor performance of 15-67 in their first NBA season. During the inaugural lean years, Head Coach Bill Fitch quietly assembled the talent that would eventually propel the Cavaliers to its Miracle season. Shrewd drafts landed John Johnson, Austin Carr, Jim Brewer, and Campy Russell; an offseason trade landed them Jim Chones in 1975. After a 6-11 start in 1975, expectations took a sharp nosedive. The foundation for success was there, but the pieces had a hard time gelling. Nate Thurmond became the team's final piece, its glue, its elder statesman, and defensive stopper all rolled into one. He provided locker room leadership and enabled Fitch's nine-man rotation to finally gel on the court.

The players hard work finally paid-off as the team finished with a 49-33 record, achieving a first-place finish in the central division. This season also brought NBA coach of the year award to Bill Fitch. Later the Cavs succeeded in the first series beating the Washington bullets in the first 7 games. However, the eastern conference finals of the NBA playoffs declared Boston Celtics as the victorious team. The Cavs continued having a similar record of 43-39 the following seasons of 76-77 and 78-79, resulting in early playoff exit both the times. After Bill Fitch's resignation as the head coach in 79, Stan Albeck became the new coach.

1980 to 1985 could probably be the worst years for cavaliers, as it came under the ownership of Ted Stepien. the team won only 28 games. The declining standings and fan appeal left Stepien thinking to move his team to Toronto with the name of Toronto Towers. To save Cavaliers' fortune two brothers named George and Gordon Gund bought the franchise in 1983. For Cavaliers the year 1986 brought some drastic and pleasant changes in the form of four new players. Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, Ron Harper and Larry Nance proved to be the key strength of the team, which made the way for Cavs to eight playoffs seasons in the coming nine years, including three 50+ win seasons. 1991-92 cavaliers won 57 games and further making it to the eastern conference finals by beating the Celtics in quarter final. Cavs lost the final to Chicago Bulls.

1992-93's season saw Cavs making an early exit from playoffs in the eastern conference semi-finals. In 1997 Cavs did win 47 games but again lost in the playoffs to the knicks.

The biggest event in Cavalier history was by far the drafting of LeBron James in 2003. James, perhaps the most highly touted high school basketball star ever, was the prized jewel of his draft class. James became an instant basketball icon, and ticket sales soared from the moment he was signed. Everyone wants a chance to see this kid play. The organization hopes that his leadership, his celebrity, and most importantly his game can raise the Cavaliers to new heights. There was a visible improvement in Cavaliers' record during the following seasons, but it was in 2006 that Cavs won 50 games and made to the NBA playoffs after an absence of eight years. Cavalier fans and the teams had high hopes for the 2006-07 season, they won only 50 games.

The team's new official colors were announced on October 9, 2002. The primary colors will be a "new expression of wine and gold," a crimson-hued wine color and a metallic gold. While they represent updated versions of the Cavaliers' original colors, the new colors are at once contemporary and timeless. Dark blue will also be used as an accent color on the new logo and uniforms. The use of blue is in recognition of the successful Cavaliers teams of the 1990s.

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