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For millions of people around the globe, excelling in the field of sports is just as important as receiving a proper education. Universities, in present time, promote the creation of future world-class athletes. Some have produced the finest and on the way, achieved great things and accolades in the various fields of sports that they competed in. One of those Universities is the University of Colorado Boulder. Such is the passion for sports, that it has a total of sixteen varsity sports teams under its wing. These teams go by the name of the Colorado Buffaloes, a team which has won a mesmerizing total of twenty four national championships during the course of its competitive history. You would have guessed by now that getting Colorado Buffaloes Tickets would be quite a feat in itself.

The Colorado Buffaloes have been competing ever since the 1890, going by different names at the time. They were officially given the nickname Buffaloes in 1934. Both the men’s teams as well as the women’s teams are represented by this name. Theyare part of the First Division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The varsity competes in the Pacific-12 Conference which operates in the Western parts of the United States. Out of the sixteen total varsity teams that the Colorado Buffaloes has under its wings, four teams do not compete in the Pac-12. These teams include the university’s ski teams, as well as the indoor and track teams. Since 1947, the Colorado Buffaloes Ski teams have been a part of the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association. The university’s Indoor and Track teams do not compete in the Pac-12 due to the fact that the conference does not cater to the sport. Instead, it operates under the Mountain Pacific Sports Federations. Such is the dominance of the Colorado Buffaloes that back in the year 2002 it was dubbed the fourteenth best sports college by media giants Sports Illustrated. This can be proved by the monumental success the varsity has achieved on a lot of different occasions when it comes to the National Championships, as well as the Conference Championships.

During the course of its illustrious history, the Colorado Buffaloes have won the National Championships for a scarcely believable twenty four times. They have also accumulated a total of twenty three National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Championships, and have also been graced with one Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) title. When it comes to the National Championships, their most successful field of sport has been skiing. The Colorado Buffaloes’ skiing team has won the championships on eighteen separate occasions with the most recent title coming in the year 2011. Their Men’s Cross Country team has won the exclusive title a total of three times with their last one coming in 2006. The Women’s Cross Country team has won the champions two times with their most recent one coming in 2004. Their Football team has also been crowned National Champions in the year 1990. Their success does not stop here as they have also excelled when it comes to the Conference Championships. A claim which can be backed by the hugely impressive number of times they have won the title with twenty seven championships and counting starting from the 1996/97 season. Twelve of those championships were won in succession Colorado Buffaloes’ Men’s Cross Country teams with their most recent one coming in 2007. Their Women’s Cross Country teams have won eleven out of the total with the last one coming in 2007 as well. The Women’s Basketball team were crowned Conference Champions once with the title coming in 1997. The Colorado Buffaloes Football team has also won the championships on one occasion which came in 2001 but they have four North Division Championships to their credit. The varsity’s Soccer team won the title once in 2003 and the Men’s Outdoor Track and Field teams also have one title to their credit which came in 2008.

When it comes to rivalries, their biggest adversaries are the University of Nebraska. They also hold intense rivalries with the Colorado State University and the University of Utah. All these rivalries, as well as others, will be tested in the upcoming season. Considering the sporting history and heritage of the Colorado Buffaloes, it is safe to assume that they would be competing again to win and nothing else. If you are a Buffaloes fan and want to be there when this legendary varsity competes again, make sure you buy your Colorado Buffaloes Tickets today.

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There is a universal agreement amongst health experts that to have a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. And for this reason a lot of emphasis is given to sports by the leading universities of the country. The University of Colorado Boulder has one of the most elaborate and well structured sports program as it sponsors no less than sixteen varsity sports teams. These teams are referred to as the Colorado Buffaloes regardless if it is a team for men or for the women. The university because of its passion for sports is frequently featured in leading sports publications and is ranked very high for the availability of extracurricular activities to the students.  In a study to find America’s best sports college the magazine Sports Illustrated placed the university at the number fourteen spot in 2002.
The Colorado Buffaloes have not always been known by this name. Very early when the University was founded and the first of its sports teams started making appearances the press of the time and students would use different names for their teams. They have been called Silver Helmets and Frontiersmen in the past. Sometimes for the ease of use the teams are simply referred to as the Buffaloes or to make it even more simple just Buffs. For quite some time the women teams were called Lady Buffs, but the use of this name was discontinued later on. On occasion they have also been named the Golden Buffaloes.
The Colorado Buffaloes football team has been playing competitive football for more than 120 years now. They had their first season in 1890 and back in 2006 the boys played their 1100th game of football. During all this time they have enjoyed a lot of success and have won in major competitions.  They have appeared in twenty seven bowl games, have won eight Colorado Football Association Championships, the Mountain States Conference Championship four times, the Big Eight conference championship five times, the Big Twelve Conference Championship in 2001. Rashaan Salaam who used to play for Colorado Buffaloes went on to become a Heisman Trophy winner later in life. And a lot of other players from the team have been included in the All-Americans. The most recent being Nate Solder in 2010. Before him Jordan Dizon, Mason Crosby, Daniel Graham and Eric Bieniemy have had this honor.  In addition to this five players who played for the team in the past  Byron "Whizzer" White, Dick Anderson, Joe Romig, Alfred Williams and Bobby Anderson have now been included in College Football Hall of Fame.
The winning streak for the Colorado Buffaloes is very impressive as the teams have managed to win in twenty four national championships.  The skiing team is a member of Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association and has won eighteen national championships. Their most recent win was earlier this year. As many as fifty students who were part of the team at university went on to represent the United States at the Olympics no less than eighty times. Because of the location of the university as it is situated at a higher altitude, the runners from the university are at an advantage as their training sessions are more vigorous and challenging. The men and women cross country teams have won at the NCAA Cross Country Championships on numerous occasions. And from the 32 Big 12 Conference Titles they participated the team won 23 titles. When it comes to the sport of basketball, again the Colorado Buffaloes are a shining star. Both the men and women basketball teams have won many laurels for their university. The men’s team has appeared in ten NCAA tournaments. In 1997, the women’s team was crowned as conference champions.
The Colorado Buffaloes would not have been able to maintain their winning streak if the university administration was not committed to helping the students further onto the path of success and glory and if there was a lack of facilities to practice different sports.  But fortunately this is not the case with the Buffaloes as they have ample access to sports arenas, stadiums and auditoriums. The Folsom Field with a capacity to hold more than 50,000 people is home to the football team and is used for other sports related activities.  The basketball and volleyball teams use the Coors Events Centre for their matches and it has a seating capacity of more than 11,000 people. Eldora Mountain Resort is used by the skiing team and the Prentup Field is used by the Soccer team. For the best of college sports, get your Colorado Buffaloes Tickets now.

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