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Detroit Lions are out there to entertain the football enthusiasts with their exciting game once again. If you are a football enthusiast it is just the right time to get your hands on Detroit Lions tickets or you will certainly be unlucky as fans are already rushing to grab a ticket to be a part of their favorite sport. A game by this team can also be an ideal entertainment for the ones who are looking to take a break from the monotony of life.

A professional American football team from Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Lions needs no introduction. The team plays their home games at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit and is a member of the North Division of the National Football Conference in the National Football League. They are well recognized for their fantastic game play which makes their games stand apart from other professional football teams in the country.  The Lions have been a part of various divisions and have had a number of division rivals. Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers are their oldest rivals. In addition, the Minnesota Vikings have been in a division with the team since 1961.

The Lions was originally based in Portsmouth, Ohio. It was titled as the Portsmouth Spartans. They made their way into the world of football in 1929. In 1934, they were purchased and moved to Detroit. The team has won several games including NFL Championships as many as 4 times. They are one of 4 current NFL teams that have yet to qualify for the Super Bowl.

WXYT-FM, 97.1 FM, and WXYT-AM, 1270 AM are the flagship radio stations of the Loins. WXYZ-TV is the flagship tv station of the team’s preseason games. The regular season games of the Loins are broadcast regionally on Fox. The Thanksgiving Classic game in Detroit is televised across the country on Fox or CBS. The Ford Lions Report is their official regular season pregame show.

The Lions uniforms have mostly remained the same since the beginning… yes the same silver pants, silver helmets in addition to blue or white jerseys. The only changes have been made in the sleeves and the color of the jersey. The shade of blue used in their uniforms and logos is called as "Honolulu blue". It is inspired by the color of the waves off the coast of Hawaii. It was selected by the first vice president of the team, Cy Huston.

Compared to other football matches, Detroit Lions games are more electrifying and enthralling. This is why you must not miss out on them for anything. Those who have been a part of their games know that they are an experience like no other. The overall feel of the games is spellbinding. You will love to see the fans jumping with excitement and cheering their favorite football heroes. Even though you can also check out their matches on tv, there is nothing like experiencing them live.  

Lem Barney, Lou Creekmur, Jack Christiansen, Dutch Clark, Bill Dudley,  Bobby Layne, Dick LeBeau, Barry Sanders, Charlie Sanders… all the players of the Lions are great athletes. They display sportsmanship and help you have the time of your life. This is why watching a game of this team gives you adrenaline rushes and surely no one should miss out on such an event for sure.

If you have not been lucky enough to be a part of the Lions games you must do now. As they are to hit the field in your city it is the perfect time to grab some Detroit Lions tickets and look forward to an electrifying game of football. Being a part of the Loins’ game will help you rejuvenate your mind and take a break from the boring routine of life in the best possible manner. So wait no more and get your hands on the Lions tickets now!

Want to attend a real American, spirited football match that serves a seriously high energy dose of super kickoffs, high pitched throws, by-the-dozen touchdowns and the ensuing, boisterously loud cheering? The Detroit Lions, formerly known as the Portsmouth Spartans, are the ultimate team that promises to quench the thirsty hardcore football fans. Based in Detroit , Michigan , they are members of the National Football Conference, which is a part of the National Football League, in the North Division. Their home matches are hosted at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit.

The Detroit Lions go back to 1929( then known as Spartans) when they first stepped forward as a professional independent act, among the many teams that were quickly cropping up at the time in the valleys of Ohio and Scioto River. The team chose to formally become part of NFL, which was a platform for independent teams during the 1930 season. The Spartans experienced early success with NFL but still could not manage to continue in Portsmouth , which led them to being purchased and moved to Detroit for the later season in 1934 where they officially became the Detroit Lions.

Since their inception up until the 1990s, the Detroit Lions experienced most success in the 1950s, under the lead of quarterback Bobby Lane who was credited for giving the Lions the Hall of Fame reputation for almost a decade; the team gathered the league championship titles in 1952, 1953 and 1957 and in each of these wins, they also won from the Cleveland Browns. Since then the Lionsexperienced something of a winning draught until 1991 when they finally won from the Dallas Cowboys. After the arrival of Barry Sanders, the then famous football running back, the Detroit Lions began to finally pick up. In the1991 season, they won 5 games even after a devastatingly discouraging, nationally televised season-beginning match against the Washington Redskins, from whom they lost with the absolute score of 45-0. The Lions rebounded with a 12-4 for the season, being welcomed back as the ultimate team by their fans. In the following years of 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 1999 the team made bigger playoffs, bringing the Detroit Lions tickets more popularity than ever before.

The aggressive, blue and white uniformed Detroit Lions underwent a losing slump through the years 2000-2008 under Matt Millen as their team president and CEO, recording the lowest winning rate of NFL. In early 2009, the team wisely hired Jim Schwartz as their new head coach under whose lead the Lions bounced back on their third match of the season, defeating Washington Redskins with a 19-14 winning score. The Detroit Lions attained another victory with a game against the Cleveland Browns, from whom they recoded a close winning score of 38-37 as Mathew Stafford memorably threw the much needed touchdown just when the thrill of the game had almost burnt out. This unpredictable, suspenseful event was the perfect promise-keeping match that the Detroit Lions tickets aimed to provide.

The 2010 season initially went badly for the Michigan-based, Detroit Lions, by week 14, however the team began to bounce back to win a series of matches winning a divisional game since long in 2005. They won from the Packers, entering the season’s most important game with the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay , going on further to knockdown the Dolphins and won another game, yet again, from Minnesota . This summed them a remarkable season score of 6-10.

Detroit Lions began the 2011 season with a bright 3-0 start. They won from Kansas City in week 2, establishing an intimidating franchise record of 48-3, crossing over the earlier record of 44 in 1995. The team then won against big name like the Vikings who they beat with a 26-23 score and then claiming victory over the Dallas Cowboys with a 34-30, finally making a 4-0. In week 5 the Lions played against Chicago , making a high profile, primetime appearance that gathered a crowd of 67000 people at the Ford Field. The Lions played tough, defeating the opponent with a roaring 24-13, and this win earned them the 5-0 season. In the following week, Detroit Lions lost from San Francisco but buckled up once more to torturously defeat the Denver Broncos, which brought them to their last week with a notable record of 6-0.

The ferocious lions, under the current direction of head coach Jim Schwartz, are ready to play more knockdown matches, so put the Detroit Lions Tickets in your pockets and be prepared to march on.

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