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Based in Detroit , Michigan are the professional ice hockey team called Detroit Red Wings. They are particularly well-known for being one of the successful Original Six NHL teams, alongside Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers. Of any other franchises of the NHL based in the United States , the Wings have had the prestige of winning as many as eleven Stanley Cup Championships, which is the most any of the current NHL team has ever won. In the over all championships of the NHL, the Wings come at the third spot after the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens. The Red Wings are one of the most loved, most popular and favorite of all NHL teams so that the commentators and fans unarguably consider Detroit and its neighboring regions to be as Hockeytown . Games played in Detroit constitute a huge hype since Detroit Red Wings tickets are a must-have for every Wing fan in town or close by. Thirty-four players of the legendary team and four of its builders have been welcomed into the prestigious Hockey Hall of Fame .

Detroit Red Wings joined the NHL in 1926 in the aftermath of Western Canada Hockey League’s ending with which the rights to the Victoria Cougar’s players were awarded to a Detroit group. The newly acquired team began playing as the Detroit Cougars and continued with the same name till 1930 when their name was switched to Detroit Falcons. It was in 1933 when the team’s name was changed to Detroit Red Wings and finally considered settled. The Red Wings have maintained a very stable, immaculate record through its many years in the game. The outstandingly remarkable team has only missed four playoffs during the years1933-1966. They have magnificently made it to twenty-five out of a total of twenty-seven playoffs. Also, they have made to all of the last twenty playoffs, consecutively which is no small feat even for such a strong team, so that since 1991, the Red Wings have been on their longest ridden ride of post-season appearances and that too in the big picture of all American sports.

Detroit Red Wings play their home games at the gigantic Joe Louis arena located in Detroit at 600 Civic Centre Drive . Owned by Detroit city, the arena has a massive capacity of over twenty thousand. The Red Wings have been noted to be more successful since they made their move from the Olympia Stadium to Joe Louis arena, having won four Stanley Cup championships.

The uniforms of Detroit Red Wings have not changed drastically over the years and they still continue to be predominantly red and white. At most the change that has occurred is in their jersey design or in the placement of names and numbers. The team wears more of white when on the road though otherwise they allow more red to show in the form of red and white stripes. The team’s distinctive logo comprises of a pair of red wings on a couple of red wheels printed in a strongly silhouetted style.

Detroit Red Wings have a massive fan body that can said to perhaps anticipate the traditions accompanying a Red Wings game more than the game itself. The most well known of these traditions is the one referred to as Legend of The Octopus according to which an actual octopus is supposed to be thrown on the ice floor before the Detroit Red Wings begin their playoff games. In fact while the playoffs of the red Wings are on, the Joe Louis Arena specially features a large red-eyed octopus that is given the nickname of Al after Al Sobotka, the arena’s ice-managing-head. It is also a traditionforthefanstosing Journey’s famous track Don’t Stop Believing towards the later stages of the Red Wing games, particularly during a playoff or generally near the end of the ice hockey season.Get yourself those Detroit Red Wings tickets and attend a legendary game by some of the oldest, most well-established ice hockey team of America that stands atop the championship mountain.

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