Detroit Tigers Vs Seattle Mariners Tickets

Apart from being one of the four major sports in United States, Baseball also happens to be one of the most watched and followed sport all across the nation. In United States baseball is played on college, minor and major level, with Major League Baseball being the highest and most professional form of it. Major League Baseball has been actively operating since its inception back in 1869, and as of today Major League Baseball comprises of 30 franchises. All of these franchises feature some of the most gifted and competitive baseball players in the world, ensuring that the fans of the sport get nothing but the best of the sporting action each time they step out to support their favorite team. Each year, MLB comes with its regular season which feature numerous epic encounters that keep the fans hooked all through the regular and post season undertakings with the match ups like Detroit Tigers VS Seattle Mariners. The fans of both sides have a chance to support their teams with Detroit Tigers VS Seattle Mariners tickets.

Formed back in the city of Detroit in 1894, Detroit Tigers is one of the eight original American League charter franchises. Since its creation, Tigers have remained in its city of origin with its original name, making it the oldest franchise that has done so. Originally, the team was formed as a part of the Western League. Over the years of its existence, the team has gone on to win a total of four World Series titles along with eleven American League Pennants. As of the moment, the team plays its home games at the Comerica Park. Originally the team started playing its home games at the Bennett Park and later it moved to Navin Field in 1912. The same field underwent an expansion and so the name of the field was changed to Briggs Stadium and then the Tiger Stadium in 1961 until the team moved to its current ball park in 2000.
Seattle Mariners on the other hand was formed back in 1977, and the team is named after the Marine culture in the state of Seattle. The team tasted the any major success in the league for the very first time in 1995 when it managed to clinch American League Division championship for the first time in franchise history after defeating New York Yankees. In the year 2001, the Mariners went on to win a total of 116 games in a single season, hence setting the league record for the most number of wins in a single season. Although the team has claimed three division championships, it has yet to win a World Series Title.
This year as the upcoming MLB season is just around the corner and Detroit Tigers VS Seattle Mariners matchup is as close as it can get. The fans of the both sides need to support their respective team on field. So if you plan on doing so, you can do it with Detroit Tigers VS Seattle Mariners tickets.

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