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Liverpool Football Club is one of the top football clubs in the world. The Liverpool FC has enthralled and fascinated millions of fans for over a century. The teams enjoys huge fan following around the globe. The club is based in Liverpool, Merseyside and plays in English Premier League that is the country’s top most professional division. The squad has won numerous championship titles over the years including eight League Cups and seven FA Cups. The team has also won eighteen League titles that are the second most wins in English football. Liverpool has performed exceptionally well in European Leagues and has managed to bag the most titles than any other English team. They have won three UEFA Super Cups, three UEFA Cups and five European Cups. The team has played home games at Anfield since their formation. Exhibition matches allow coaches and team mangers to form the perfect team chemistry before the season starts. The Exhibition Liverpool matches will see the team players embrace the field to play in a friendly warm up matches against rivals while the fans gather in the stadiums to gear up for a new season of exciting football. By acquiring Exhibition Liverpool FC tickets, the audience can witness a series of friendly yet highly thrilling football games.

Initially formed as "Everton FC and Athletic Grounds Ltd" in 1892, the team was named Liverpool FC after Football Association’s refusal to accept the club as "Everton". The club was formed after a dispute between "John Houlding" and "Everton FC Committee". Everton Football Club relocated from Anfield to Goodison Park in 1892 after eight years. John Houlding, who was Everton’s former club president and the owner of Anfield, initiated a new team that became known as Liverpool FC. The team managed to win Lancashire League title in its first season. In 1893, the team joined the Second Division of Football League and it was promoted to the First Division after finishing at first position. Since then the team has played at Anfield that has a seating capacity of over forty five thousand. Due to their past, Liverpool FC and Everton face a fierce rivalry. The matches amongst the teams are known as Merseyside derby. Both the teams belong to the same city of Liverpool, and thus the highly anticipated rival matches do not force fan segregation. Numerous supporters and families consist of fans of the both the teams. The exhibition Liverpool matches are thoroughly enjoyed all over the country. By grabbing Exhibition Liverpool FC tickets, the fans can catch their favorite football stars.
Liverpool plays under the Barclays Premier League. The English league is the top professional league in the country that contests matches amongst twenty top clubs. The English league has the distinction of being the most watched league in the world.  It is broadcasted in over two hundred regions with more than six hundred million viewers. The league saw an average match attendance of more than thirty five thousand fans during the 2010-2011 season.  Based on its performance over the last five years in European competition, Premier League has been ranked at the top position by the European of Football Association, over German League Bundesliga and Spanish league La Liga. Liverpool is one of the founding members of the Premier League and they have been playing in the league since its inception in 1992. Exhibition Liverpool matches allure millions of fans to stadiums. The competitions provide new players a chance to play amongst the senior players, while managers and coaches evaluate and align the team for a new season. The current roaster of Liverpool includes highly talented and skilled players including Brad Jones, Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll, Lucas Leiva, Steven Gerrad, Maxi Rodriguez, Jamie Carragher, Joe Cole, Jay Spearing and Martin Kelly amongst others. The Exhibition Liverpool FC tickets can be obtained to witness highly exciting and entertaining football competitions.
Liverpool has managed to set numerous records over the years. The professional football team is one of the most sought after football clubs in the world. The team has won the most top-flight as compared to other English teams. They have bagged the European Cup championship title five times, becoming the only English team to do so. The team continues to amaze and enthrall worldwide fans that highly cherish Liverpool players. By grabbing Exhibition Liverpool FC tickets, the fans can make sure to catch their favorite football stars in a high-paced action packed football match. 

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