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The United States has produced some of the best professional boxers ever! And while all of them in various weight categories have entertained us over the years, there are however very few who have been undefeated in their career; Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of those exceptional boxers! A second-generation boxer, he is presently World Boxing Council’s (WBC) welterweight champion. He has also been classified by various websites and television channels as the "best pound for pound boxer" in the world today! The Boxing Writers Association of America’s (BWAA) "Fighter of the Year", Floyd Mayweather Jr. is about to knock out his next opponent. Do not miss out on that Kodak moment!

Looking at this great boxer’s biography and it is not hard to believe that he was born to be a boxer; Mayweathers’ simply do not do anything else but box. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mayweather’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was also a great boxer, who had fought with legends like Sugar Ray Leonard and others. Two of his uncles were also professional boxers. A glance at his previous life and it becomes evident that he became a champion overcoming his personal shortcoming before becoming a boxing champion. Coming from a broken home, where close relatives were drug addicts, he opines "People don’t know the hell I’ve been through."

Since boxing provided him with a refuge from day-to-day problems, he quit school and became a full-time boxer, early in his life. Known by nickname "Pretty Boy", Floyd Mayweather Jr. had an impressive amateur record of 84-6. He also won national Golden Gloves championships thrice. Over the years he has built a reputation of being an old-school boxer with impeccable defensive techniques learned from his father and uncles. The name "Pretty Boy" celebrates that fact since he has relatively fewer facial scars, thanks to these defensive techniques. His brilliant boxing mannerisms soon took him to 1996 Olympics, held in Atlanta, Georgia, where he won a bronze medal for his country. Now that Mayweather had become famous, Floyd Mayweather Jr. tickets started to sell like hot cakes! 

Mayweather however turned professional during the same year and made his debut in the super featherweight category when he fought against Roberto Apodaca and knocked him out in the second round. As if this fight was just the tip of the iceberg, from 1996-1998, the athlete won almost all of his fights either by TKO or outright knockout. The year 1998 holds special significance for him since it was in this year that he became the WBC Super Featherweight champion. It took him only eight rounds to technically knockout Genaro Hernandez, ranked no. 1 by The Ring magazine. Not that he only won the prestigious title but like a true champion defended it as well against Angel Manfredy, which was Manfredy’s first defeat in four years. Such has been the rise of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the world of professional boxing!

While Mayweather’s friends often draw a parallel between him and other great boxers like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson, a 1998 event gave them a reason to believe that their thoughts were not too farfetched! What had happened was that in 1998 Mayweather became the recipient of The Ring "Fighter of the Year" title, at the age of 21, the same age when Ali and Robinson had won their first awards. He is indeed one of the very few young boxers who are compared with the legends of their time and it is indeed an honor for a young boxer like Mayweather to be compared with the gods of professional boxing!

Bob Arum, Mayweather’s promoter once said "We believe in our heart of hearts that Floyd Mayweather is the successor in a line that starts with Ray Robinson, goes to Muhammad Ali, then Sugar Ray Leonard." Was that a mere rant, rhetoric, or is there substance to it! A comparison with legends sounds good, but is he actually up to it! Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. as good as often reported! Now you can find that all out for yourself by buying Floyd Mayweather Jr. tickets today!

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