Houston Rockets Season Tickets Tickets

Formed in the city of Houston situated in the state of Texas, the Houston Rockets are a professional basketball ensemble that was founded in the year 1967. The Houston Rockets are a part of the National Basketball Association and usually play in the Southwest Division. The Houston Rocket played in the city of San Diego for around four years before the team moved to the city of Houston. After the teams foundation in the 60s it was able to win fifteen games for the first two years, which was quite a small number for the team. Hence in the year 1969 the coach Elvin Hayes was replaced by Moses Malone. With the coaching of Moses Malone, the team was able to win the first two MVP awards and also entered into the 1981 NBA Finals. However the team lost to Boston Celtics and was unable to win the championship. If you wish to see the Houston Rockets play aggressively in the next Houston Rockets Season game all you need to do is purchase Houston Rockets Season tickets today.

After the loss to Boston Celtics, the coach Moses Malone was replaced by Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon in the year 1984 and the duo’s leadership was named the “Twin Towers”. These coaches were able to lead the Houston Rockets into entering the NBA Finals for the year 1986. However, they again lost to the Boston Celtics, due to which they have become one of Houston Rocket’s fiercest competitors. Houston Rockets were finally able to bag the NBA Championship in the year 1994, under the leadership of coach, Hakeem Olajuwon. In the championship game the Rockets defeated the New York Knicks, establishing rivalry with them as well. The Rockets were able to win the 1995’s NBA championship as well, with team members such as Shaquille O’ Neal, Orlando Magic and Penny Hardaway. You can see the Houston Rockets; compete fiercely against its long time rivals in a next Houston Rockets Season game. Remember to acquire Houston Rockets Season tickets immediately.
Houston Rocket’s team colors include a combination of black, white and red colors. Over all they have been able to win four Conference titles in the years 1995, 1994, 1986 and 1981, our Division titles in the years 1994, 1993, 1986 and 1977 and as mentioned above they have been able to win two championships in the year 1994 and 1995. Houston’s home games are all played at the Toyota Centre which is an indoor basketball arena. The arena received its name due to its sponsoring company, the Toyota Company. Opening in the year 2003, and costing a whopping two hundred and thirty five million dollars, the arena can become a host for up to eighteen thousand raging spectators, so if you are interested in becoming a spectator for the next Houston Rockets Season game then you should consider purchasing the Houston Rockets Season tickets now.