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We have all had a fair share of sibling rivalries. One always seems to get away with virtually everything whereas the other(s) get the short end of the stick. Some will usually be able to sweet talk their way out of most mess-ups whilst the other siblings will be left haggling their way through reprisals. However, one trio of siblings was not just able to come to terms with their differences but actually complement each other's strengths and musical talents to form a successful country band that has already seen their debut album go platinum, basking in the popularity of a chart-topping single and garnering more than two dozen award nominations. Lasso your Houston Rodeo The Band Perry tickets now for being enthralled by these country music broncos.

Comprising of siblings Kimberly Perry on lead vocals and brothers Reid and Neil on bass guitar and drums, mandolin and accordion respectively, The Band Perry was several years in the making. Older sister Kimberly started crooning in her teenage years, with then preteen brothers Reid and Neil serving as roadies as well as the opening act whilst calling themselves the Mobile Music Machines. The three eventually came together as a combined act in 2005 upon joining the lineup of the New Faces of Country tour. However, it was their discovery by the country legend Garth Brooks three years later that the headliner of the Houston Rodeo The Band Perry gig really leapt out of obscurity and landed bam sack in the middle of the Nashville music scene. Signing on to Republic Nashville in 2009, The Band Perry released a self-titled debut EP the next year that was a couple of months later by a full-fledged eponymous debut record.

The Band Perry arose to the 2nd spot on the US Country charts as well as peaking at number 4 on Billboard 200. The band had already started stirring up the radio waves with their eponymous EP that ascended to the top-five on Top Heatseekers chart as well as the infectious chart-topping single "If I Die Young" and then continuing their chart domination with "You Lie" and "All Your Life" that rose to the 2nd and 3rd places respectively on the US Country charts. The first single became the band's signature number, attaining a triple-platinum certification and clinching around a dozen award nominations including a Grammy one for Best Country Song and translating one as a CMT award and another two as Country Music Association Awards. Even though their management at Bob Doyle & Associates has carefully crafted their image centering on their vogue bohemian look and family group feel, the siblings can safely take the credit for their gutsy lyrics and country-pop tunes for which they have already secured a trifecta of Best/top new artist/group awards, with potentially making it a quartet with a Grammy in 2012. And their Grammy-nominated sound will be echoing loud and clear in the upcoming Houston Rodeo The Band Perry concert.

Initially, though stars of the Houston Rodeo The Band Perry event engaged themselves bands, they would often get together during the nights to practice together, whereby sowing the seeds of their unique combined sound. Kimberly fondly recalls sitting on their home's porch belting out tunes of the likes of Bobbie Gentry and hank Williams as if in a bid of conjuring up the spirits of these deceased country greats in order to drive the swarms of pesky mosquitoes away from their musical abode. It seems that it just might have worked after, the séance that is (mosquitoes are one godforsaken creation that is here to stay) as The Band Perry's fame and success seems to be snowballing along. The trio's chemistry as a streamlined song writing entity is unmistakable as each of them brings something special to the writing table. Kimberly's melodies blend in smoothly with Reid's musical creativity along with Neil's zeal acting as the proverbial glue that seems to hold it all together.

The sister and brothers in arms have only started warming up their musical hearth so book your Houston Rodeo The Band Perry tickets to witness them setting the whole scene ablaze with their fiery lyrics and sizzling vibes.

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