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The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been held in its namesake city for the past 8 decades and has celebrated the deep rooted bond that domesticated farm animals share with humans and goes a step further by pitting some members of both the groups in a battle of wits, skill and physical endurance. Held in the Reliant Stadium since 2003, the Houston Rodeo entails livestock and rodeo competitions as the name implies as well as entailing Downtown Rodeo Parade, a carnival, the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest, as well concerts featuring world class performances by the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi and Willie Nelson. The Houston Rodeo Duelo La Original Banda El Limón tickets will give you a chance to enjoy the whole shebang in traditional Spanish and Mexican musical fare.
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For avid fans of as well as for those who are aficionados of eclectic live music, the Houston Rodeo Duelo La Original Banda El Limón performance promises to be truly memorable one. The duo Duelo had its beginnings as a Tejano Band that was formed in Roma Texas by Oscar Ivan Treviño and Dimas López. In the typical tradition of Tejano bands that draw their sound from classical music, employing stringed and wind instruments such as the saxophone, trumpet and accordion as well as the piano, Duelo featured Treviño as the vocalist and songwriting half of the duo whilst López posited himself as the resident accordion player. Oscar also plays the Bajo Sexto that resembles an acoustic guitar, albeit one with 12 strings stretched in 6 pairs of double courses, and is a staple in Mexican music. After forming Duelo, Oscar and Dimas were joined by Cristián Rivera on the bass as well as Edgar Rodríguez, who brought in a much needed percussive feel to the group's sound.

Releasing their debut tri-volume album offering Duelo Norteño in 1999, Duelo decisively entered the Mexican and the regional music scene with their international record, El Amor No Acaba that was released under Univision Records two years into the new millennium and saw an early hit in "Amiga Soledad." Their third studio outpouring resulted as 2003's Desde Hoy that peaked at number 36 on the Top Latin Charts, an achievement that was upped by subsequent compilation Mi Historia Musical that entered the top-ten slot and was complimented by their sixth studio album Relaciones Conflictivas that also joined the top-ten ranks as well as charting on Billboard 200 along with the 2007's En Las Manos De Un Angel. However, Duelo's musical clout really started to come into its own right when their 2009 album Necesito Más de Tí topped the Latin Albums charts and entered the top 100 on the US Albums charts. Its chart topping success was renewed by Solamente tu the following year with the latest Vuela Mas Alto climbing its way to the top three to continue Duelo's chart domination. The Houston Rodeo Duelo La Original Banda El Limón event will serve as an ideal platform for the dynamic Duelo to showcase their fecund musical legacy.

One half of the Houston Rodeo Duelo La Original Banda El Limón phenomenon represents a diverse musical tradition that stems from a small Mexican town known as El Limón. What started out as one grand ensemble of musicians numbering around 17 has now split into two notable versions of Banda El Limón. The original one is still led by the clarinetist extraordinaire Salvador Lizarraga Sánchez with the latter group pitching itself as La Arrolladora Banda el Limón under the leadership of René Camacho who also honed his musical skills on the clarinet. Formed in the mid-sixties, the co-headliner of the Houston Rodeo Duelo La Original Banda El Limón concert has over the decades gone through several transformations and changes in its lineup, the most significant one materializing in 2000 when the image of the band was overhauled by inducting young and upcoming musicians aged between 18-32 years.

La Original Banda El Limón has released dozens of albums of their musical outpouring during its 47-year history. Its most recent offerings include the 40th anniversary collection of records Pese A Quien Pese and En Vivo volumes 1&2 as well as 2009's Las Mas Famosas and Derecho De Antiguedad that peaked at 30 on the Top Latin Albums Charts. So get your Houston Rodeo Duelo La Original Banda El Limón tickets to witness a musical harmonization between the sounds of veteran and nouveau Latino musical entities.

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